Alaura Lovelight filming new television show in Bayonne

Episodes One and Two of 'The Alaura Show' are already airing on the ONEST Network

Alaura Lovelight, a hit R&B recording artist and Bayonne resident leading the “You Matter Movement,” is filming her new television show in the city.

“Funny enough, never really had I intended on having a talk show,” Lovelight told the Bayonne Community News. However, it was an idea that had crossed her mind before.

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According to Lovelight, if she wasn’t pursuing a music career, she would have like to have had a talk show. She added: “that was something that I always kind of thought about.”

Then, Lovelight’s other dream suddenly became a reality. Following her recent success with her music, she was offered the opportunity to host a talk show on the new ONEST Network that can be downloaded on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV.

“This network had approached me and they were like, ‘We love what you’re doing,’” Lovelight said. “They were following me on social media and they were like, ‘We’re about to launch this network, we would really love if you would do a show.’”

Lovelight is now the host of, what else, the “The Alaura Show.” She compared the wonderful experience to musical performances, although more arduous.

“Doing a television show is a lot more work but very similar to doing a performance show,” Lovelight said. “I’m just finding I’m well prepared because of my music and because of having done hundreds of shows all over. So it’s fun. It’s a good merge of the two. I love to talk. I love to converse with people. I like to see people after a show. I don’t always get to do that as much as I would like to because I’m singing. So this is a great opportunity to really connect with anybody, my fan base, or new people, or people who just want to be inspired or anything like that.”

‘The Alaura Show’

“The Alaura Show” is set to be a unique viewing experience with Lovelight at the helm. The talk show varies from regular talk shows in the sense that it has an overarching theme, with a specific focus each episode.

“It all started because a lot of people were asking me: ‘How are you having so much success with what you’re doing?’” Lovelight said. “I thought about it, because there’s so many creative people in the world. I thought, what’s the difference between people who are creative and people who are successful in terms of making it their job, doing it everyday. Success means different things to different people. But what’s the difference between people who are doing it, and people who aren’t really pursuing it?”

Each episode and the respective guest relates to the topic of willingness in some way.

“I have this concept about the willingness and needing the willingness to do all sorts of different things in order to thrive your creativity,” Lovelight said. “So every single episode’s topic is a different willingness that I believe you need to have in order to be successful with your creativity.”

However, each episode explores the type of willingness required for creative success, according to Lovelight.

“Episode One is the willingness to ask for opportunities,” Lovelight said. “Episode Two is called the willingness to go within and it’s about meditation and I had a spiritual guest. Episode Three was called the willingness to not take things personally. And then four was the willingness to try. So every episode has a different kind of theme and I select the guest based on who I think could address that theme, and they’ve overcome that and now they’re doing different things with their career.”

Filming in Bayonne

Lovelight, who currently lives in Bayonne, has been filming each episode at various locations around the city. Joining the wave of recent television shows and movies filmed in the city, the last episodes have featured local small business such as Manhattan Bagel at 709 Broadway.

Episodes One and Two already available on the ONEST Network. Meanwhile, Episodes Three and Four just wrapped filming, with another date set to shoot an upcoming episode.

The next episode of “The Alaura Show” will be filmed on August 23 at 12:30 p.m. at Piero’s School of Music at 942 Broadway. The guest for that episode will be Emmy-nominated news anchor Lisa Marie Falbo of The NJ Morning Show on NJ 12.

“It’s free for anybody who want to come,” Lovelight said. “We only have about 50 spaces. But I would encourage everybody to come be a part of it. We’re going to have vendors, it’s going to be a whole event. And it’s fun, it’s filming a TV show.”

Lovelight is working to bring in a few vendors for the day and make it a great experience for those who come to watch filming. Being based out of Bayonne, it is also a good opportunity to highlight and give back to the community, she said.

“I’ve been given this amazing huge platform on television,” Lovelight said. “The show is available to 110 million people and it’s in 71 different countries. And I love the idea, like I run a small business. My company is a small business. So I love the idea of trying my best to help level the playing field in terms of featuring small businesses. That’s what makes towns like Bayonne.”

Giving back to the community

Lovelight reiterated that it was also a great opportunity to interact with the residents of the community and fans alike.

“This show is all about willingness, so we’ve had different audience members participate in the first four episodes,” Lovelight said. “It’s really just a great dialogue between the guests, between myself, between the audience, to about how everybody is creative. Everybody has some kind of creative bone in their body. It’s these things that hold us back, like what people think and not being brave enough to ask and all these different things. My thing is music, but people are creative in all sorts of different ways and I want people to feel like ‘oh, that’s what’s been holding me back.’”

There will be limited space. Lovelight asks that those interested in attending join the guest list by emailing or texting “name, phone, email, add me to the guest list” to 347-674-6103.

“I hope that people will tune in and that people will come, because really the thing that makes the show thrive to viewers is that audience participation,” Lovelight said. “That gives these 110 million viewers somebody to look at on the show and say I can relate to that, and that’s what I want.”

Lovelight also teaches vocal empowerment classes in Bayonne at Latin Groove Dance Academy at 398 Broadway. For more information, go to

“The Alaura Show” is filmed in Bayonne weekly and airs weekly on the ONEST Network on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV. For more information, go to or follow Lovelight on Instagram at @alauralovelight.

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