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North Bergen supports two cannabis cultivators and another manufacturer

The resolutions support the entities' applications for state licenses to operate

The North Bergen Board of Commissioners approved the resolutions at the meeting on August 17. Photo by Daniel Israel.

North Bergen has formalized its support for more cannabis establishments, including two cannabis cultivator locations and another cannabis manufacturer in the township. The township has already approved one cannabis manufacturer and two retail locations.

That means so far the township has okayed six cannabis license applications for five locations, with one applicant getting local support to be both a cultivator and manufacturer.

At an August 17 meeting, Mayor Nicholas Sacco and the Board of Commissioners unanimously passed three resolutions in support of the establishments’ respective applications to the state for licenses to operate recreational adult-use cannabis facilities. The township previously adopted ordinances permitting a limited number of license for cannabis businesses to be located in the township.

North Bergen’s Cannabis Committee receives and reviews applications by cannabis businesses seeking to operate in the township, and to make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners as to whether proposed cannabis businesses should be approved at a local level. The committee is composed of Township Administrator Janet Castro, Chief of Police Peter Fasilis, and Director of Community Improvement Pete Hammer.

Any cannabis business needs local support for a license to operate before it can seek state support, both of which are required before opening. As such, the Cannabis Committee recommended that the Board of Commissioners approve a resolutions of support for the various businesses.

The first resolution of support was for Alb Labs, LLC for a Class 1 cannabis cultivator location for the cultivation of cannabis. According to the resolution, this application falls within the limit of licenses for cannabis cultivator locations as well as the township’s zoning and cannabis ordinances.

Alb Labs would be located at 2011 8th Street off of Tonnelle Avenue. This location previously applied for and was granted by the township a resolution in support of their application to the state to operate as a Class 2 cannabis manufacturer location.

In response to questions by Sacco, Castro explained at the meeting: “The Cannabis Committee met and they approved a cannabis cultivation license at 8th Street.”

Another manufacturer and cultivator

The second resolution of support was for Happy Hour Extracts that would be located at 6901 Tonnelle Avenue. This application also falls within the limit of licenses for cannabis manufacturers as well as the township’s zoning and cannabis ordinances, per the resolution.

The facility would be a Class 2 cannabis manufacturer location, which would see the purchase of cannabis to be manufactured, prepared, and packaged into cannabis products. The manufacturer would then be able sell the products to other cannabis manufacturers, as well as wholesalers, and retailers, but not to consumers directly.

The third resolution was to authorize CYOUR NJ, LLC to operate a medical cannabis cultivation facility in the township. CYOUR was selected by the state in 2019 to receive a medical cannabis license, one of the two highest scoring applicants at the time.

Prior to the resolution’s approval, Township Counsel Tom Kobin explained: “The title is a little mislabeled. This is a cannabis cultivation facility in what is going to be authorized ultimately once there’s application to the state that it be for a medicinal and adult-use cannabis cultivation. The title is a little off there, a little misleading, so I just wanted the board to recognize that it’s for growing both adult and medicinal.”

According to the resolution, CYOUR has also filed an application to cultivate cannabis for recreational adult use as well. The applications have been reviewed by the township, which has further given its stamp of approval through the resolutions.

Now CYOUR just needs state approval to allow the cultivation of cannabis for recreational purposes. “This is also a resolution of support,” Castro confirmed to the Hudson Reporter after the meeting.

The Class 1 cannabis cultivator location would be located at 2600 71st Street. According to the resolution, this and the other aforementioned entities must continuously comply by the township’s ordinances or they could face the withdrawal of the resolution of support and the revocation of their local license.

Two dispensaries previously approved

Previously, the township passed similar resolutions in support of two dispensaries, Daily Muse at 6901 Tonnelle Avenue, and Green House Apothecary at 1600 Tonnelle Avenue. This is in line with the township’s ordinances capping retail cannabis establishments at two, with one north of 43rd Street and the other south of it.

However, there has not been any movement on those applications yet, nor the other application by Alb Labs. They are still pending state approval, according to Castro. Then the applicants would return to the township work out the final details with both them and the state.

“How long do you think these will take to operate?” Sacco asked after the resolution was approved.

“As soon as they receive their formal approvals from the state,” Castro responded. “They are in the process of receiving their approvals.”

Sacco noted that Neptune is “ahead of the curve” making money off of recreation adult-use cannabis sales. Castro agreed, but noted other dispensaries would be up and running soon.

“They’re going to open soon,” Castro said of other establishments. “They’re under construction.”

When asked about the status of any cannabis establishments in North Bergen by the Hudson Reporter, Castro reiterated that none of the entities have come back to the township following the resolution of approval: “Nobody yet. Nobody has received their formal license.”

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