Hoboken imposes new 20 mph speed limit citywide

The city said that the new changes will make their streets safer

Hoboken has begun installing new signs and street stripings to indicate the new speed limit. Photo provided by the City of Hoboken.

Drivers in the Mile Square City will now be required to slow down after Hoboken began implementing their new 20 mph speed limit across the city.

The city announced that they and Hudson County had begun installing new signage and striping to reduce the speed limit from 25 mph to 20 mph, which they said will help make streets safer for all modes of transportation as part of their Vision Zero plan to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and injuries by 2030.

“A citywide 20 mph speed limit is the latest commitment we are making to ensure our streets are safer for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla in a statement.

“While we continue to make great strides to implement safety improvements to our streets, this important change will provide even greater protection to children, seniors, and our most vulnerable residents,” he continued.

Starting Sept. 14, the city began installing eight speed feedback signs at gateways to the city and replacing the existing mph signs with the 20 mph markers. The county will also be restriping portions of Willow Ave. to convert existing 25 mph pavement markings to 20 mph. Police officers will also be on site to mitigate temporary traffic impacts on the road.

The changes to the speed limit were previously approved by the City Council back in July. Back then, Transportation Director Ryan Sharp said that reducing the speed limit by 5 mph would decrease the severity of having a severe injury or death by 25 percent.

The city also said the approval also includes education initiatives to inform drivers and improve compliance rates with the Hoboken Police Department and Hudson County Sheriff’s Department.

“The education campaign and our new stationary speed signs on the eight entry points to the city will go a long way in calming the traffic and protecting pedestrian, driver, and cyclist lives,” said Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante.

“An enforcement campaign will then be introduced on the north and south ends of our city, where the Hoboken Police Department and Hudson County Sheriff’s Department will collaborate to ensure that drivers are operating at safe speeds,” he continued.

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