The Truth About Abortion

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:
The greatest American tragedy in our recent history is the total loss of truthfulness. It is expected that corporations or politicians overstate things and twist the truth a little to put themselves into the most positive light for what they want to accomplish. It is, however, the duty of the press to be neutral ideologically and seek out the truth. This is totally lost. Today our press is merely an ideological (predominantly left liberal socialist) mouthpiece with the blatant intention to destroy the truth. Regarding our press President Trump actually spoke the truth by saying that the press has become the greatest threat to the American people. The truth about Roe vs Wade is, that the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs Wade did not outlaw or ban abortion, it merely turned the power to regulate abortion back to the states as our constitution intends.
The biggest argument for abortion is that a woman has to retain the right to do with her body as she pleases. No one questions that right. When Angelina Jolie decided to remove her breast tissue to avoid her heightened chance to develop breast cancer no one argued against her right to make this decision. Her breast tissue clearly was a part of her body since every cell in that tissue has the exact same DNA as every other cell in the rest of her body. Angelina’s blood ran through her breast tissue as it runs through every other organ of her body. The same cannot be said about a fetus. From the moment of conception, when the sperm injects it’s DNA into the egg cell to complete the chromosome set to 46, the DNA of the fetus is distinctively different from that of the mother. It is a separate life form from the mother. And the mother’s blood never, ever runs through the fetus.
Unwanted pregnancies are a tremendous hardship in a woman’s life. And they are not always due to negligence. So we must find a time window to allow legal abortions. According to medical scientists sensory reactions develop during the 4th month. Thus, I find that a 12 to 15 week window for legal unrestricted abortions should be an acceptable compromise for all parties involved. Let us remember that the one fertilized cell is how each and everyone of us started as a living being. Just because the single cell did not look like a grown human being does not make it any less human. Many unrestricted abortionist call early fetuses an inviable piece of biomass. Just because as a newborn I was not able to protect and feed myself and thus was not viable on my own, this did not make me any less worthy to live. This attitude of calling early stage fetuses merely an inviable piece of biomass is a repulsive disrespect for human life and our humanity itself. So let us make decisions based on truth, and the truth about human life is that it begins with conception. We cannot proof when consciousness begins. I consider it safe to assume that with the beginning of sensory reactions consciousness will also begin. Thus the recommendation of the 12 to 15 week window.

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Alexander Schenk

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