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Russian Hackers May Be Gunning for Your Business

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By Carl Mazzanti, eMazzanti Technologies President

The ongoing events in Ukraine continue to rivet the world’s attention – but while the military and human damage rightfully capture most of the attention, U.S.-based business owners and individuals should also consider the possible cyber-risk spillover to their operations.

A Dangerous Time

Even before the U.S. and Russia resumed a Cold War confrontation over the Ukraine invasion, businesses were at a higher risk of attack from state-backed actors which highlighted the need for companies of all sizes to maintain robust cloud security services. Now, with reports of increased hacker activity against U.S. companies of all sizes, many business owners are still unaware of the need to bring their security systems up to the next level with an affordable SIEM (Security Incident Event Monitoring) program and response.

A SIEM program continuously reviews important hardware and software logs on a real-time basis and flags suspicious activity for you. From these logs, most SIEM tools will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to filter out the noise in a way only a computer can and focus its attention on the most important events. The holy grail of a good IT service management or SIEM service provider is that when authorized or enabled, the service will also launch immediate responses designed to shield your identity and digital assets.

A Security Triangle 

A SIEM-response package is part of the Cyber Security solutions “triangle” that makes up a must-have Cyber Security approach. The first “leg” here is preventative controls — which, fortunately, almost everyone has: keeping up to date on software patches, having a good antivirus program and an effective firewall, and using multifactor authentication.

The second leg is a detection tool, like a SIEM or a fulltime Security Operations Center. This integrated, cyber-automated response package kicks defenses up to the highest level by monitoring and alerting users about their devices and systems; and, when elected, can launch a real-time response to eliminate or mitigate the bad actor’s malicious efforts.

The third “leg” is made up of great recovery controls, like a robust backup — preferably shielded from the rest of the system in case of infection — which can serve as a kind of fail-safe.

Most business owners just want to run their enterprise, grow it, and service customers — they did not sign up to be warriors in a digital battlefield. But as we have seen from past mass-hacking events, companies can no longer stay neutral. Like it or not, bad actors see all of us as legitimate targets. And unfortunately, as the global situation heats up, the threats are likely to get worse.

Carl Mazzanti is the President of eMazzanti Technologies – a firm specializing in Cyber Security

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