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What is going on in Bayonne?


Dear Editor:

The other day, while leaving the Main Post Office, I had a very unpleasant experience. We know parking is not good to say the least in in Bayonne and has been the main cause of the demise of many small businesses.

I was parked at the corner which I thought was a very good spot because it was easy to depart. When I returned to my vehicle, a big suv was parked in front of me, leaving me very little room to pull out. There was a woman in the passenger seat.I decided to ask the woman to please move the vehicle up a bit so I would not scratch her car or mine.

The driver of the car came out of one of the stores and asked me what the problem was. She was ready for a fight by the tone of her voice. I asked her politely to please move the car up a bit so that I could get out more easily. She immediately became very abusive and told me I didn’t know how to drive, because there was plenty of room. I told her I was asking her nicely and she was illegally parked. She started screaming that it was not my business and I was not a police officer. I got back in my car and managed to avoid hitting her. She spitefully sat in her car and was screaming.

I called the police today and they said to call the police immediately if this happens again. I was parked legally and was verbally assaulted by a very rude angry woman.

This is a quality of life issue and had the potential for a bigger incident. Where are all the nice,normal, polite members of our society? I guess not in Bayonne. Another reason Bayonne has been cited as one of the top cities in NJ that people are fleeing. I for one will not park my car along Broadway again. Mrs. Anne Carroll

Mrs. Anne Carroll

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