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A Simple Verse


Dear Editor:

It was 1964!
People remember the fall before.
It was three months after JFK.
The Beatles blew us all away.
The people came to the dance.
“Sergeant Pepper’s” put us in a trance.
“Sir Winston” married Yoko in Gibraltar near France.
John and Yoko sang for a week in bed,
And “Instant Karma” hit us right in the head.
Life became dark and murky;
It was time for “Cold Turkey.”
John and Yoko got hassled by the immigration police;
While we imagined all the people living life in peace.
It was a time for “Starting Over.”
It was December!
It was the start of Yuletide mirth;
But a flood of tears welcomed this Virgin birth.
Scarlet billows spread on the ground.
Chapman gunned John Lennon down.
The people cried that night;
The night John Lennon died.

John Di Genio

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