Meet the TikTok bandit

An individual on TikTok under the user handle OnlyBestShow is recording himself dining and dashing out of restaurants and live-streaming it

A man who has garnered the attention of over 6,000 followers on TikTok, and twice claimed to be homeless, has been not only dining and dashing right out of restaurants without paying his tab and spreading the gospel claiming to be free, he’s been live streaming and boasting about his exploits.

“Always a good idea to publicize your crimes, that’s what I always say!” read a post from reddit from an online user responding to Jersey City’s post, “This man is going to JC/Hoboken restaurants just to dine and dash for his TikTok page.”

This man is going to JC/Hoboken restaurants just to dine and dash for his TikTok page from jerseycity

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The Hudson Reporter has reached out to several accounts under the account user handle Only Best Show, for an interview, but so far despite this man’s propensity for social media notoriety no comment has been forthcoming.

In one video he claimed that, “This is my show!” and in others asking for viewers to pay him on his CashApp account.

“Yo guys, are freaking animals getting paid more than human beings, I don’t understand, let’s be real, why do these animals get paid more than I do?” he asked in one video.

In another video captioned “Talking to the TikTok CEO,” he said claimed to be banned by TikTok, “People best supporting me and you guys banned me right.”

The account is under the handle name @humanmonkeyshow, which has over 34,000 likes and follows about 9,000 accounts.

“It was just really strange,” said an employee at White Star Bar located on 230 Brunswick Street. “The police were taking him out and he was just taking out his phone recording the whole thing,” said the worker.

“Criminal mastermind,” read another post on reddit.

The Hudson Reporter will update the story as more details of the individual are found.

For updates on this and other stories, check and follow us on Twitter @hudson_reporter. Jordan Coll can be reached at





Jordan Coll, Staff Writer
Jordan Coll, Staff Writer
Jordan Coll, is a journalist who currently lives in Jersey City. He graduated with a degree in journalism at Florida International University and is pursuing his masters at Columbia University School of Journalism.
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