Buon Compleanno, Frank Sinatra!

Dear Editor:

Frank Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915; this December would have been his 107th birthday.

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Without a single doubt whatsoever, “Ol’ Blue Eyes” is the greatest entertainer of the 20th century; and, to this day, he continues to be an iconic figure. The “Chairman of the Board” is one of the bestselling musical artists of all time, having sold an estimated 150 million records worldwide.

Francis Albert Sinatra, a kid from Hoboken, became the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1985, the Congressional Gold Medal in 1997. He also earned eleven Grammy Awards. Frank Sinatra also received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his role in “From Here to Eternity;” he would wind up winning four Golden Globe Awards during his lifetime.

Frank Sinatra possessed an unparalleled sense of dress and a distinctive stage presence. Sinatra had a unique style to his musical renditions. His songs were short theatrical presentations; “charismatic miniature operas” if you will, capturing the pathos of a guy down on his luck with the last five bucks to his name rolled up in the pocket of his shabby trousers, as well as the individual that has been blessed by a bit of good luck or a joyful event, and who is now on top of the world.

An interesting “fun fact,” a Frank Sinatra single, “The Lady is a Champ – But Beautiful” had been intended to be “APPLE 1.” Basically, this single, a special recording from Frank Sinatra to Ringo’s wife, Maureen Starkey, was recorded on Apple Records, the Beatles’ recording company. This single-sided single was pressed; however, it was never released to the public. The master tape had been destroyed.

There never will be another Frank Sinatra! A talent like Sinatra’s comes around once in a lifetime.

Thank you, Frank, for all the wonderful music, the terrific films, and for being a great, entertainer.

Happy 107th birthday in Paradise. You are sorely missed.

John Di Genio

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