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Who will stand with Ukraine?


Dear Editor:

The defeat of Representative Malinowski in November means Congress will lose a strong voice for human rights and a bipartisan consensus builder. One area where these two strengths came together was his work to support the people of Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.

Malinowski co-authored bipartisan legislation to seize property from Russian oligarchs and use the funds to provide Ukraine aid. In addition, he co-sponsored a measure to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

With Malinowski’s defeat, who in our delegation will step up to support the Ukrainian people?

As the war enters the winter many analysts believe this will be a critical test of US resolve, so the need for Representatives to be a voice for Ukraine is critical. Unfortunately, in recent weeks we have seen the extremes of both parties criticize US aid to the country.

Now is the time for Representatives like Rob Menendez, Donald Payne, and Mikie Sherrill to step up and build on Congressman Malinowski’s legacy by leading the effort to support Ukraine.

Daniel Cronin

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