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Magic show in the House of Representatives


Dear Editor:

What can be said about the terrible division among Republicans in the House of Representatives today? Okay, I’ll say it.

This in-fighting is part of the plan. Upsetting the rules and causing confusion is not a problem. It is a political tactic. This also explains why January 6th was not such a big deal for Republicans.

Controllable chaos has always been a part of the political plan of the monied class on planet earth. In Rome, as Livy admirably chronicles, whenever the lower class were ready to make advances, the aristocratic class responded with an intra-party debacle, a controlled insurrection, or a war with neighbors to delay the resolution of issues.

Republicans representing America’s 1 percent class don’t want Congress to have any time to deal with anti-trust legislation, fairer taxation of estates, corporations, and wealthy individuals, or interest rates. So, they dissemble, they squabble, they promote riots, they wink-wink at each other as they prolong a fight over the speakership. Read a book, people.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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