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Today’s Democrats Are Not Marxists

Dear Editor: Today's "Conservative-Republicans" have done a masterful job of brainwashing and hoodwinking many Americans into believing that the national Democrats are now some kind...

Gallery Goof-up

Dear Editor: Of all the foolish, bureaucratic time-wasting that can happen in this county, the recent harassment of the Bayonne gallery Dollhaus II might set...

The $1.1 billion infrastructure bill

Dear Editor: Today's Congressional generation could learn much from the late Idaho Republican Senator James A. McClure. For 18 years, he read every word of...

Don’t Wait to Thank Teachers for a Job Well Done

Dear Editor: A question posted on Facebook asks: "Who was your favorite teacher?" As one can imagine, this question generated numerous responses. Yet, we wonder,...

Railroads Helped Jersey City to Grow and Prosper

Dear Editor: A few years ago, Chris Gadsden mentioned that communities within Jersey City developed around “water, highways, and bridges.” No one would argue that...

The Case of the Vanishing Fire Hydrant

Dear Editor: My name is Roberto Speer I live at 29th, 51th Street in Weehawken, at the border line of Weehawken and West New York....

Why Shouldn’t NJ Obtain A Share Of Future Manhattan Congestion Pricing?

Dear Editor: In coming months, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority will be scheduling public hearings in New Jersey concerning the introduction of Congestion Pricing...

Questions and Answers: Bulk, Scrap Metal, and  Mattresses

Since the new garbage and recycling schedules began on July 1, the Department of Public Works has received multiple questions about bulk items, scrap...

Building Department to Move from City Hall to Shopping Center

The Coronavirus has given us the opportunity rethink how we provide services to the people of Bayonne.  Traditionally, our Building Department has brought thousands...

Oldies Weren’t All That Goody

Dear Editor: A number of people thanked us for remembering Jimmy Roselli on the 10th anniversary of his death. A number of them mentioned that...
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