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It’s a simple fix

To the Editor: I once again write to the City of Bayonne to just put a fence around the newly relocated A&P cats' enclosure to...

The Mexican Wall

Dear Editor: Mr. Schnek maintains that comparing the Berlin Wall to the Southern Border Wall is an insult to those Germans who lost their lives...

Between The Lines

Poll shows people not happy with state government Armed with a new Rutgers-Eagleton poll that showed a majority of New Jersey residents feel overtaxed and...

Opening Community Doors at Salvatore R. Calabro Elementary School

Dear Editor: I am the parent of two children currently enrolled at Salvatore R. Calabro Elementary School (Calabro). My eldest child graduated from the program...

On the Cusp of Earth Day, let’s talk about Plastic Pollution

Dear Editor: I’m studying Environmental Studies at HCCC. This letter is to focus your attention on the issue of plastic straws affecting our Hudson County...

On the cusp of Earth Day – Stop plastic pollution

Dear Editor: Not enough attention is being paid to how many problems plastic straws cause in our environment. Many people don’t even realize that it...

On the cusp of Earth Day – Stop the pollution

Dear Editor: Re: James Braddock Park Lake to receive First Renovation Since 1950’s With Earth Day approaching, it's safe to say I speak on behalf of...

On the cusp of Earth Day – Stop plastic pollution

Dear Editor: Plastic Pollution is a great concern to our environment. Plastic has very sturdy makeup, difficult to break down and it is not biodegradable....

How to create a politics of love

Dear Editor: For too long the religious right has had a monopoly on political-spiritual discourse in the United States. Beginning in the late 1970s, right-wing...

In Tune with June

On a journey towards happiness Learning about the life of Kelsey Grammer was difficult.  You’ll understand why when I tell you more about him. He...
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