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Not so gloom and doom on the horizon

Dear Editor: There's a Silver Lining up ahead. OK, so the Dems Won the House. But, it may portend a good thing for President Trump and...

No Hoboken rules for bicycle riders?

Dear Editor: In the last couple months I actually saw a total of no fewer than three or four misguided people, obviously new to Hoboken,...

Payroll tax is the fault of too many generous abatements

Dear Editor: For the past thirty years, I have been writing letters to the editor on the fact that the school aid Jersey City was...

Between the lines Will Raia indictment hurt upcoming elections?

This past Halloween, Frank Raia, who was a candidate for Hoboken City Council in 2013, and Dio Braxton, who worked for Raia’s campaign, were...

Let’s take pride in our flag

To the Editor: I was on Broadway today and stopped to mail some envelopes at the main post office. If I'm not mistaken this is...

Yuletide spirit

To the Editor: The holiday season is here! Shoppers rush from store to store, looking for the right gift for that special someone. Yuletide cheer is...

Happy 103rd birthday, Ol’ Blue Eyes

Dear Editor: Legendary singer/actor/producer/director Frank Sinatra was born 103 years ago on Dec.12, 1915. His talent in the entertainment field has endured through the years...

Remember Pearl Harbor

Dear Editor: On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked Many of our military people were killed, they were never to come back Remember always that sad...

In Tune with June

Making a name for himself It was a happy day when my son Andy gifted me with Bob Dylan’s Shadows in the Night. It was especially...

Between the Lines Santa Claus is coming to town

In what has become a Christmas rock and roll classic, Bruce Springsteen performed the standard “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” throwing over his...
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