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Our Appliances are Stealing our Energy

Dear Editor: Keeping the lights on isn’t cheap; and when you add up the energy costs of all my appliances I use when I’m working...

Honoring Edith Ferrell

At its meeting last week, the Bayonne City Council passed a resolution that will name a portion of 19th Street after Edith Ferrell, a...

Place A Cap On Personal Fortunes

Dear Editor: I am looking for a 2024 candidate for US President who will run on a "Robin Hood Agenda" that is similar to Huey...

Jersey City’s “Urban Feudalism”

Dear Editor: Jersey City's Council committed an egregious error by awarding the $6.7 million contract to upgrade the pedestrian plaza on Newark Avenue. Holding public...

Always Part of Bayonne

February is Black History Month.  This is a great time to recognize the important role that the Black community has played in Bayonne since...

One Year Later

It came in on a ship. It attracted a tribe of journalists with cameras and microphones. It was a sign of things to come....

A Weed Pops Up in Hoboken

Dear Editor: Dear editor: Yes, it's winter, snow lies everywhere, but a new Weed has appeared and it will soon join the other Weeds on the...

New Jersey Needs a Convention of States

Dear Editor: Even the most liberal residents of New Jersey should have grave concerns with the stimulus payments currently under consideration. Why? Because of "red-state...

Where’s The Vaccine

Dear Editor: The latest statistics show that 13.2% of Bayonne residents are 65 years of age or older. My question to Mayor Davis is why...

160 Years of Italian Unification

Dear Editor: On February 15, the United States pays tribute to George Washington, the first President of the United States and the commanding general of...
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