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I love teaching

Dear Editor: I’ve been fortunate to have had amazing teachers while I was growing up. I remember sitting in my 5th grade classroom and laughing...

Dems Have Gone Rogue-Outlaw

Dear Editor: Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey attacked President Donald Trump Monday for treating illegal aliens that drive under the influence of drugs or...

Let’s maintain rational thought

Dear Editor: I find it very troublesome how our children are frightened and brainwashed by our educational system into believing that we are actually destroying...

Ordinance closing rent control loophole is too late

Dear Editor: Recently, I was excited reading the City of Hoboken's Community Message regarding the closing of the rent control loophole and how it would...

Requiem for a Champion

To the Editor: On Feb.12, 2019, Pedro Morales, a distinguished member of the WWF Hall of Fame, went to the great wrestling mat in the...

No rotten fish in Hamlet

To the Editor: Regarding "From Head to Tail" in the January 31 issue of the Bayonne Community News: Hector Gonzalez says that in Shakespeare's Hamlet there's...

Shame on you, Nadrowski!

To the Editor: In the January 24 article, "Another Tax Abatement…" Ms. Nadrowski made a statement that was ignorant, insensitive, and abusive to the tax-paying voters...

It’s a shame Jersey City cops can’t take off duty work

Dear Editor: It is shameful and disgraceful that the Jersey City Finest, men and women of the Jersey City Police Department, are being banned from...

A great night for Bayonne

To the Editor: I attended the Bayonne Elementary School Basketball Championships on January 25. First, congratulations to all the teams, their players, and their coaches....

Re: Stewart Epstein’s Tax on Wealth

To the Editor: Re: Stewart Epstein's Tax on Wealth, Jan 18. Mr. Epstein is fed up with the Democrats (who isn't?) because they've abandoned their...
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