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Our real enemies, right here at home

Dear Editor: So! It has now been revealed that we Americans have a real enemy. No, not the bogus ones the warmongers have been trying...

Keep Politics Out of the Bayonne Board of Education

Dear Editor: (These are my opinions, not those of the Board.) While everyone is focused on issues of national importance, we have an issue of our...

Trump haters: don’t be trivial!

Dear Editor: Without exception, every person I know who is opposed to Donald Trump's reelection "doesn't like him" simply because, well...because they "don't like him." Accomplishments...

Ryan, Wilbeck, Kim – The Smart Choice for Bayonne

Dear Editor: In an overwhelming decision in 2015, Bayonne voters chose to move from an appointed to an elected school board, ending 35 years of...

Senators Sacco and Sweeney stand in the way of racial justice

Dear Editor: This summer, NJ’s Sentencing Commission, both chambers, and Governor Murphy agreed to significant criminal justice reform bills that included an important push to...

Save our mature trees

Dear Editor: Beautiful shade trees take many decades to reach maturity. Their obvious benefits include shade, helping to keep city air clean and pure, and...

October is Italian-American Heritage and Culture Month

Dear Editor: Italian-American Heritage and Culture Month is an annual designation observed in October.  It was first celebrated in 1989 as a tribute to all...

A tragedy averted

Dear Editor: We’re not sure how our family could even begin to thank everyone who helped turn what could have been a devastating tragedy into...

Health and economic benefits of electric vehicles

Dear Editor: The fires in the West continue to burn, and smoke is still reaching us in New Jersey. We cannot directly prevent these fires,...

What Many Conservatives Try to Hide From The Public

Dear Editor: What I find to be the most frustrating, irritating, and immoral about today's political "Conservatives" is how many (not all) follow the lead...
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