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I love teaching

Dear Editor: I’ve been fortunate to have had amazing teachers while I was growing up. I remember sitting in my 5th grade classroom and laughing...

Dems Have Gone Rogue-Outlaw

Dear Editor: Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey attacked President Donald Trump Monday for treating illegal aliens that drive under the influence of drugs or...

Let’s maintain rational thought

Dear Editor: I find it very troublesome how our children are frightened and brainwashed by our educational system into believing that we are actually destroying...

Requiem for a Champion

To the Editor: On Feb.12, 2019, Pedro Morales, a distinguished member of the WWF Hall of Fame, went to the great wrestling mat in the...

No rotten fish in Hamlet

To the Editor: Regarding "From Head to Tail" in the January 31 issue of the Bayonne Community News: Hector Gonzalez says that in Shakespeare's Hamlet there's...

Shame on you, Nadrowski!

To the Editor: In the January 24 article, "Another Tax Abatement…" Ms. Nadrowski made a statement that was ignorant, insensitive, and abusive to the tax-paying voters...

A great night for Bayonne

To the Editor: I attended the Bayonne Elementary School Basketball Championships on January 25. First, congratulations to all the teams, their players, and their coaches....

Re: Stewart Epstein’s Tax on Wealth

To the Editor: Re: Stewart Epstein's Tax on Wealth, Jan 18. Mr. Epstein is fed up with the Democrats (who isn't?) because they've abandoned their...

No out-of-towners

To the Editor: In response to Thursday's, January 31, lengthy letter by Hector Gonzalez, I am following this whole Board of Education situation very closely,...

From head to tail

To the Editor: Shakespeare’s play Hamlet says “a fish rots from head to tail.” It means that those at the top of political hierarchy can...
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