Bayonne Letters

We Have Responsibilities To Each Other

Dear Editor: When I watch and listen to the sizable minority of Americans who are defiant and enraged anti-vacciners and anti-indoor-mask-wearers, I can't help but...

Celebrity hucksters

Dear Editor: There is nothing more irritating in our culture of exploitation in America than happy-go-lucky celebrities turned spokespersons for hyaluronic face cream, back pain...

NJ deserves its fair share of NYMTA future congestion tolling revenue

Dear Editor: The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority will be scheduling public hearings in New Jersey concerning the introduction of Congestion Pricing for those diving...

700th Anniversary of the Death of Dante Alighieri

Dear Editor: September 14, 2021 commemorates the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, “Il Sommo Poeta” (‘The Supreme Poet). Dante is remembered for...

We Grew Stronger After 9-11

Dear Editor: Twenty years ago, the nation was brought to tears. The horrific attacks on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 demonstrated that the Atlantic and Pacific...

Everyone Who’s Been Suffering

Our world has changed Like never before and it’s so sad Every day because our lives have changed So much in life today and so many families...

Do we really need the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation?

Dear Editor: A cat has nine lives and so does the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. November, 2021 will mark the twentieth anniversary for this quasi...

Questioning 5G Near Schools

Dear Editor: To the parents of children attending Mary J. Donahue school in Bayonne. Are you aware that the city politicians allowed AT&T to place...

Bureaucrats know best, don’t they?

Dear Editor: The Florida Department of Education says parents know what’s best for their children. So, they are withholding the monthly salaries of local school...

A Neighborhood’s History of Flooding

Dear Editor: Once again and in the most severe manner yet, the intersection of Avenue A and Tenth Street in Bayonne flooded with the tremendous...
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