Bayonne Letters

The reactions to Board of Education members Alonso vs. Terrell

Dear Editor: The quick emergency meeting due to posts made by Bayonne Board of Education member Michael Alsonso seems to differ greatly from the meeting...

Hudson County-Remove Columbus Tributes NOW!

Dear Editor: Dear Lawmakers and Regulators of Hudson County: In light of recent events, we the citizens of Hudson County due hereby decree our support for...

The Korean War

Dear Editor: June 25 marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Technically speaking, since no peace treaty has ever been signed...

School board member Alonso

Dear Editor: A man such as Mr. Alonso should not be involved in the educational processes of the school kids of Bayonne, period. With men and...

Obey. Shut up. Bend the knee

Dear Editor: John Di Genio and Albert Cupo, in Diversity Matters (Hudson Reporter, June 9) rightly praise an America in which "everyone's voice matters". However,...

Leave the Statues of Columbus Alone

Dear Editor: Governor Murphy is missing the point about Christopher Columbus. The governor has stated that he supports the removal of “symbols run counter...

Call to Action: Reform

Dear Editor: We're in need of serious reform of police in New Jersey and the nation. There needs to be a New Jersey standards update that...

Diversity Matters

Dear Editor: Some 672 thousand reside in Hudson County; about 40 percent, or 266 thousand, live in Jersey City alone. The people that live in...

My daughters are upset: Fighting the Black Pandemic along with COVID-19

Dear Editor: I am writing this letter as a mother, citizen and psychologist with issues we as women and men face in the AfricanAmerican community....

It Is Time To Face-Down Sexual Harassers

Dear Editor: I have just become a member of an organization called "Times Up." I am a lot like the character of "Ralph Kramden" from...
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