Bayonne Letters

Kate Smith was not a bigot

Dear Editor: It appears that representatives of the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers would have the American people believe that the First Lady...

Great teachers, lifetime influence

Dear Editor: The recent letters to The Reporter on schools and love of teaching reminded me of an older brother whose life was changed because...

Chinese fentanyl is poisoning America

Dear Editor: Did anyone watch last night’s 60 Minutes? Well, if you missed it, it showed how the Chinese government is killing our youth without...

Every day, Earth Day

Dear Editor: Since plastic bags have been banned in Hoboken, we have learned a new habit, to carry our own when shopping. We could also...

For the betterment of all animals

To the Editor: Regarding the article "Sylvester or Tweety?," as president of Community Cats United, Inc, a group of 22,500 members and 1,000 groups in...

FDR’S New Deal VS. AOC’S New Green Deal

To the Editor: FDR's "New Deal" had frankly asked for sacrifice and hard work from my parents, average Americans in the 30s and the 40s...

It’s a simple fix

To the Editor: I once again write to the City of Bayonne to just put a fence around the newly relocated A&P cats' enclosure to...

The Mexican Wall

Dear Editor: Mr. Schnek maintains that comparing the Berlin Wall to the Southern Border Wall is an insult to those Germans who lost their lives...

On the Cusp of Earth Day, let’s talk about Plastic Pollution

Dear Editor: I’m studying Environmental Studies at HCCC. This letter is to focus your attention on the issue of plastic straws affecting our Hudson County...

On the cusp of Earth Day – Stop plastic pollution

Dear Editor: Not enough attention is being paid to how many problems plastic straws cause in our environment. Many people don’t even realize that it...
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