Bayonne Letters

The Other Side of Valor

Dear Editor: This present culture has exasperated and illustrated a serious divide. Patriotism has taken a back seat especially by famous and venerated citizens who...

Franco the Fighter

Dear Editor: My family and I have known Peter Franco for over 5 years. We have volunteered alongside him at the soup kitchen and share...

Getting involved for our kids!

Dear Editor: Change. It is a scary word for many, especially educators. However, for our students to succeed in an ever-changing world, we must be the...

Zero solutions for flooded residents of Bayonne

Dear Editor: I will offer my suggestions as a resident. Identify the frequent flooded areas. Identify the root cause. Identify the residents affected and get them on a...

John R. Cupo, candidate for city council

Dear Editor: I will be running for the Bayonne City Council on Election Day, November 5, 2019. My campaign slogan is "Cupo Core Voters." I first submitted...

The Legion Act corrects an historic oversight

Dear Editor: The American Legion has just celebrated our 101st anniversary and at times in between wars and conflicts after World War II we have...

Where not to wear the hijab

Dear Editor: Dear editor: Here's an email I sent to Rep. Ilhan Omar: I emailed you recently praising your courage in addressing a taboo subject, AIPAC's overweening...

Who are the Change-Makers?

Dear Editor: Change is an important and necessary part of life but it can be scary, especially when that change will affect millions of students'...

Let the Great Dialogue on Culture and Ideas Begin!

Dear Editor: When future historians look back on the Democratic primary debates recently held in Detroit, they may call it the magic moment when America...

Thanks to neighbors!

I would like to thank my wonderful neighbors on Lexington Avenue who helped me after I fell down my front steps on July 31....
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