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Saying goodbye to the Frank Sinatra Exhibit

To the Editor: Mr. Robert Foster, Executive Director of the Hoboken Historical Museum, had such a brilliant idea when he thought of bringing Hoboken’s famous...

Look at history as we move forward from the election

To the Editor: From health care to immigration reform to so much more, our nation faces daunting challenges. In a perfect world, the presidential election...

Come together and protect Hudson County

To the Editor: Donald Trump won the electoral college, made a brief statement about bringing the country back together, and is now putting together an...

New Year’s resolution

To the Editor: The coming New Year's resolution should be pretty obvious, particularly when it comes to diet: 2017 will go down in history as...

Think of the pedestrians

To the Editor Why isn't there a sidewalk for pedestrians who patronize our two shopping malls on Route 440? Is it really necessary to trek...

Simply beautiful

To the Editor: As a lifelong resident of the city of Bayonne, I would like to express how impressed I was last night, as I...

Thanks for making the 2nd Annual Reindeer Games a hit

To the Editor: How lucky am I to get "paid" in smiles and hugs? I love my community so much I cannot put it in...

For a cleaner, greener Bayonne

To the Editor: In response to the article, “This stinks,” from the December 14 issue, by Rory Pasquariello, another source of garbage in Bayonne is...

Thanks to McCabe Ambulance

To the Editor: This letter is written for the president of McCabe Ambulance Services. I am recalling over many years the McCabe staff, along with Bayonne...


To the Editor: Why has there been no teachers' contract for seven out of the last eight years? I can only suggest that the parents,...
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