Bayonne Letters

In response to Mr. Nunez

To the Editor: In response to Mr. Nunez's "We're better than the bullying and hate we're seeing now" (2/4/17), the writer points to topics from...

Hudson County is one of the most diverse and densely populated counties in the...

To the Editor: Responding to “Hudson’s own police academy,” Hudson County is one of the most diverse and densely populated counties in the United...

Trump bans immigrants

To the Editor: President Trump was right when he banned immigrants from seven countries. He is protecting America from radical terrorists. Those who protest that...

Heartfelt thanks for the thoughtful gifts

To the Editor: On behalf of the Windmill Alliance, I wish to acknowledge the recent gifts made by Mr. Al Pasiechnik of Victoria TV &...

Seniors need a raise too

To the Editor: This letter is in regard to BTA President Mr. Alan D’Angelo’s remark in the Bayonne Community News on January 25: “No one...

We are better than this

To the Editor: “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.” – Pastor M. Niemoller When those...

John Wisniewski is the clear choice

To the Editor: Many wonder how they can voice their anger at Donald Trump, his policies, and make lasting positive change. While voters in other...

An appeal to the electorate

To the Editor: Before and after President Trump became our president, in some segments of the country I saw media images of some protesters with...

Veterans first

To the Editor: As we are approaching the celebration of President's Day, honoring our first President George Washington and our President Abraham Lincoln, who stands...

Sincere thanks to Freeholder, Kenneth Kopacz

To the Editor: I want to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Kopacz for getting the lights back up and running in Bayonne’s Hudson County...
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