Bayonne Letters

Good Samaritans

To the Editor: It was 14 months ago when I received an unexpected call. It came from my aunt's cell phone number, but it was...

Thank you from the Bayonne Republican Club

To the Editor: Last month, the Bayonne Republican Club hosted our first Christmas party and canned food drive. Thanks to those who donated and attended,...

Saying goodbye to the Frank Sinatra Exhibit

To the Editor: Mr. Robert Foster, Executive Director of the Hoboken Historical Museum, had such a brilliant idea when he thought of bringing Hoboken’s famous...

Look at history as we move forward from the election

To the Editor: From health care to immigration reform to so much more, our nation faces daunting challenges. In a perfect world, the presidential election...

Come together and protect Hudson County

To the Editor: Donald Trump won the electoral college, made a brief statement about bringing the country back together, and is now putting together an...

New Year’s resolution

To the Editor: The coming New Year's resolution should be pretty obvious, particularly when it comes to diet: 2017 will go down in history as...

Think of the pedestrians

To the Editor Why isn't there a sidewalk for pedestrians who patronize our two shopping malls on Route 440? Is it really necessary to trek...

Simply beautiful

To the Editor: As a lifelong resident of the city of Bayonne, I would like to express how impressed I was last night, as I...

Thanks for making the 2nd Annual Reindeer Games a hit

To the Editor: How lucky am I to get "paid" in smiles and hugs? I love my community so much I cannot put it in...

For a cleaner, greener Bayonne

To the Editor: In response to the article, “This stinks,” from the December 14 issue, by Rory Pasquariello, another source of garbage in Bayonne is...
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