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Our Appliances are Stealing our Energy

Dear Editor: Keeping the lights on isn’t cheap; and when you add up the energy costs of all my appliances I use when I’m working...

Place A Cap On Personal Fortunes

Dear Editor: I am looking for a 2024 candidate for US President who will run on a "Robin Hood Agenda" that is similar to Huey...

A Weed Pops Up in Hoboken

Dear Editor: Dear editor: Yes, it's winter, snow lies everywhere, but a new Weed has appeared and it will soon join the other Weeds on the...

New Jersey Needs a Convention of States

Dear Editor: Even the most liberal residents of New Jersey should have grave concerns with the stimulus payments currently under consideration. Why? Because of "red-state...

160 Years of Italian Unification

Dear Editor: On February 15, the United States pays tribute to George Washington, the first President of the United States and the commanding general of...

The Piper Must Be Paid

Dear Editor: I just knew that those opposing the much-needed $1.9 trillion Pandemic Relief Aid proposal would cite as their reason for doing so the...

What Happened to Main Street USA?

Dear Editor: What Happened to Main Street USA? “Wake up, you’re going to Disney World!” I had been waiting ten years to hear those words. It was...

Why Leave Federal Transit Administration Discretionary Dollars On The Table?

Dear Editor: On January 19, 2021, the Federal Transit Administration published Federal Notice of Available Funding for Federal Fiscal Year 2021. FY 2018. Under Table...

The importance of standing up for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

Dear Editor: "If war can be started by lies, then peace can be started by truth" -- Julian Assange. I am reaching out to the community...

Antifa Nonsense

Dear Editor: In reply to Yvonne Balcer's letter in the Hudson Reporter. I was so sad to read Balcer's letter which continues to re-cycle the...
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