Jersey City Letters

Crisis at the border

Dear Editor: Dear Rep. Albio Sires and Senators Bob Menendez and Corey Booker: We have an urgent and dire crisis at the border. I'm asking you...

5G radiation is a menace

Dear Editor: Is there any alarm among parents in Hoboken about the 5G new devices going to be installed all over town? Well, there should...

NJ government leads in embarrassment

Dear Editor: Everyday we see a governor who strives diligently to lead progressively, but honestly, he just cannot. He chose to surround himself with just...

Grand Street and the reduction of lanes

Dear Editor: In May, the City Council passed ordinance 19-049 which make changes to Grand Street, which is the access road to the Medical Center....

Congress must stop detaining immigrants

Dear Editor: What is happening at the U.S. southern border in not just a national emergency, but an international humanitarian crisis. Not to mention that...

Franklin Walker for Superintendent of Jersey City Schools

Dear Editor: Our Jersey City Public School District is dealing with crippling external challenges that are impacting lives both inside and outside of the classroom....

Dear Mr. Lincoln

Dear Editor: The government once ‘of the people’ has stolen our sovereignty by fraud and deception; and the authority once established ‘by the people’ is...

Franklin Walker is the best and only choice for superintendent

Dear Editor: Many learned historians will assert that the only way to move on with the future is to learn from the mistakes of the...

Did the Hotel Lobby SuperPac donations make Mayor Fulop flip-flop on his STR Ordinance?

Dear Editor: In May 2017, after reading Mayor Fulop's Airbnb Oped in Huffington post, I bought a house in Jersey City. I maxed my credit...

Brian Jones embodied the music of the 60’s

Dear Editor: July 3, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the untimely death of Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones, founding member of The Rolling Stones. Brian...
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