Jersey City Letters

Every Year They Demote Christopher Columbus

Dear Editor: Historical distance has always served each generation of "builders," "thinkers," and "advancers" to learn from what was once unknown to be discovered, wherein...

Democrats Are Launching Their Own Star Chamber Court.

Dear Editor: What is meant by Star Chamber? An infamous abuse of governmental power was the Star Chamber Courts of 16th and 17th Century England....

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now

Dear Editor: While still in October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, I would like to once more urge women to get an annual mammogram. You know,...

Education Matters Will Continue Progress

Dear Editor: On Nov. 5th, the residents of Jersey City will have a monumental decision to make when selecting their choices for Board of Education....

Trump’s biggest crime

Dear Editor: Having withstood three years of the Democrat’s contrived schemes and coups to oust the President of the United States out of office —...

Millennials “Help Wanted”

Dear Editor: Millennials claim to be the most educated generation of all, but they complain about their low-paying jobs. Truth is they’ve had little if...

The King Snake and The Rattlesnake

Dear Editor: The Democrats are like a rattlesnake that has been caught by a king snake. You see, king snakes can and sometimes do eat...


Dear Editor: It is difficult to watch how the Democrats are falling all over themselves with glee in trying to impeach the President, they fail...

Why Education Matters on November 5

The Jersey City School Board Election on Nov. 5 is a crucial referendum on public education and funding for our schools. The Education Matters...

Beautiful Day at the JC Reservoir

Dear Editor: Hudson County Sierra Club—in conjunction with the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance—recently took about 25 people on a nature walk through the Reservoir...
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