Jersey City Letters

Reflection in Solidarity with the African-American Community

Over recent weeks, and in recent years, we have witnessed instances of brutal murder of African-Americans by white men, some of whom were in...

Neighborhoods are the Backbone of the City

Dear Editor: At one time, Downtown consisted of many diverse neighborhoods. Each neighborhood had its own unique chemistry, its own traditions, and its own special,...

Support Our Local Merchants

Dear Editor: No one is really certain how long this virus will afflict us. However, based on recent Congressional actions and government declarations, we know...

Growing Up Downtown Was An Event

Dear Editor: Growing up Downtown carried with it certain “expectations” and “responsibilities.” Some were positive and life affirming; others were just plain stupid. We realized that...

Boycott Chinese products, preserve our livelihood

Dear Editor: It is hard to watch as grieving families mourn the painful loss of loved ones due to the Wuhan virus. One has to...

Power Hungry Politicians

Dear Editor: The streets are empty, the stores are closed, and Americans are hungry, unemployed and suffering because of the Wuhan virus. What do Governor...

Honor Our First Responders On Memorial Day

Dear Editor: John Di Genio is correct. Memorial Day is a time to remember those courageous individuals who gave their lives to protect and defend...

My Little Town

Dear Editor: Helene Stapinsky, author of “Five-Finger Discount,” claimed that people “didn’t settle ‘in’ Jersey City, they settled ‘for’ Jersey City." Going back to the...

Former Mayor Roberts cannot be thanked enough

Dear Editor: Re: "Symposia Bookstore, Standing in Gratitude and Hope". Former Mayor David Roberts and his family, owners of the property on Washington Street where...

Stop the Lockdown Rally, Fridays 1 p.m. Trenton!

Dear Editor: Please join us Every Friday at the State House Building 125 West State Street in Trenton at 1 p.m. as well as on...
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