North Bergen Letters

700 Years of The Divine Comedy

Dear Editor: This new year, 2020, marks the 700th anniversary of the completion of Dante Alighieri's world-renowed literary masterpiece, "The Divine Comedy." Dante completed "The...

The Tragical History Tour

Dear Editor: 2020 is significant. This new year marks the anniversary of major events and achievements. Among them, is the formation of the Beatles. In...

Kwanzaa Can Unify Us

Dear Editor: We have received a significant number of comments and criticisms concerning our letter about Kwanzaa. Many contend that Kwanzaa is a "made up"...

Repeal Secaucus Plastic Bag Ban

Dear Editor: The Secaucus plastic bag ban scheduled to start February 1 should be repealed. This undemocratic plastic bag ban was not voted on by...

Christianity Today or “Yesterday”?

Dear Editor: Responding to Christianity Today’s article about President Trump’s Impeachment, the magazine’s core indictment is that Trump “attempted to use his political power to...

Happy Holidays!

Dear Editor: As we approach the end of this holiday season, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss a couple of thoughts that...

Illegal and Unsafe North Bergen Preschool

Dear Editor: The North Bergen, NJ Preschool has been illegally and unsafely located in Braddock Park for 19 years, in violation of NJ DEP and...

Why aren’t we having a conversation about plea deals?

Dear Editor: Ever gone to court and agreed to a plea deal? The judge asks you if you understand that you are giving up your right...

We Need to Talk about Environmental Racism

Dear Editor, As a resident of North Bergen, I was struck by the news of a massive power plant being planned in our neighborhood. Fortunately, the...

De Niro Damages the Image of the Italian People

Dear Editor: Robert De Niro maintains that the president should get hit with a bag of feces. In my opinion, every Italian should grab a...
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