North Bergen Letters

Independent voters want the right to vote in NJ’s 2020 presidential primaries

Dear Editor: Last month, 7.7 percent of New Jersey voters went to the polls to vote in party primaries that were, for the most part,...

Crisis at the border

Dear Editor: Dear Rep. Albio Sires and Senators Bob Menendez and Corey Booker: We have an urgent and dire crisis at the border. I'm asking you...

5G radiation is a menace

Dear Editor: Is there any alarm among parents in Hoboken about the 5G new devices going to be installed all over town? Well, there should...

NJ government leads in embarrassment

Dear Editor: Everyday we see a governor who strives diligently to lead progressively, but honestly, he just cannot. He chose to surround himself with just...

Welcome home

Dear Editor: I want to congratulate and welcome home our son Christopher L Rivera, YN1, a United States Coast Guard who served a year in...

Congress must stop detaining immigrants

Dear Editor: What is happening at the U.S. southern border in not just a national emergency, but an international humanitarian crisis. Not to mention that...

Dear Mr. Lincoln

Dear Editor: The government once ‘of the people’ has stolen our sovereignty by fraud and deception; and the authority once established ‘by the people’ is...

The North Bergen Power Plant and The Truth

Dear Editor: "Students join local fight against generating plant." This 05-29-19 Hudson Reporter article starts out as a news article and inappropriately ends as an editorial:...

North Bergen’s unhealthy health department

Dear Editor: In a June 1 interview at North Bergen, NJ's Summer Health and Green Family Festival, Janet Castro, the NB Health Officer who organized...

Brian Jones embodied the music of the 60’s

Dear Editor: July 3, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the untimely death of Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones, founding member of The Rolling Stones. Brian...
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