Dear Editor: To New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy, and To Whom It May Concern: We the People are now 18 months into draconian oppression statewide, nationwide...

Corruption Never Has Been Compulsory

Dear Editor: A Latin proverb, “Corruptio optima pessima” (“Corruption of the best becomes the worst”) summarizes the Hudson County political arena. We have heard stories about...

Jersey City is not affordable, Part 1

Dear Editor: The Jersey City Council members and administration have failed us greatly by not sticking to their stance on actually providing affordable living opportunities...

Jersey City is not affordable, Part 2

Dear Editor: As Councilman Lavarro once said: “The loopholes in Mayor Fulop’s IZO include provisions allowing developers three ways to avoid including on-site affordable units...

Internet for the Cuban People Advisory Committee Resolution

Dear Editor: The active members of the Advisory Committee to the N.J. Center for Hispanic Policy, Research & Development (heaquarteed in Trenton) have issued a...

No Money For $10 Billion New Port Authority Midtown Manhattan Bus Terminal In Infrastructure...

Dear Editor: One learns a great deal about what Majority Leader and Senior NY Senator Charles Schumer said or did not say about the benefits...

Sucking In the 70’s

Dear Editor: The 70’s was a decade of extremes. We witnessed the beginnings of ecological thinking. But, we also experienced the growth of nuclear energy,...

There is Too Much Team Fulop

Dear Editor: Mark Twain once quipped: “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” Although humorous, there is a bit of...

I’m a Knucklehead? That’s not why I protested Phil Murphy in Union City!

Dear Editor: The people who came to protest Phil Murphy came for different reasons. While we all supported the anti-eviction stimulus bill signed into law...

Franco Di Domenica Will Always Be One of Jersey City’s Unsung Heroes

Dear Editor: We are approaching the anniversary of the passing of Dr. Franco Di Domenica, LL.D. On August 10, 2010, Jersey City lost one of...
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