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NJ Transit Power Plant is dangerous and should not be built

Dear Editor: In an August 1st Hudson Reporter article, County Executive Tom DeGise is quoted as saying that the proposed NJ Transit power plant would be "miles away from the nearest residential property." That is a...

Woodstock – 50 Years Later

Dear Editor: August 15 - 18 marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the "Aquarian Music Festival." The Beatles helped to introduce a generation. Woodstock defined that generation. To some, Woodstock symbolized a "euphoric utopia," the final...

How to stay woke?

Have you noticed how the Left Resistance groups - the "WOKE" like AOC and her “Squad” et. al., “social identity” groups who throw around the “Racist” epithet against anyone who opposes them — contradict...

FBI-gate, wasted time and taxpayer dollars

We all waited for the Mueller report, and the recent Mueller hearing, so that the Democratic Party can prove its case and finally have evidence as investigated by the FBI. After thousands of interviews, two...

End mass detention now

Dear Editor: As a citizen, as the adult child of two immigrants who sought political asylum in the US, and as a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, I'm writing to urge Sen. Booker, Sen....

50 Years of Space and Woodstock

Dear Editor: The 1960s represented a decade of contradictions. It was an era of equality and enlightenment. But, it also was a time haunted by social injustices. It was a period of peace; and, yet,...

Scooters, but no helmets?

Dear Editor: While "Hoboken officials debate e-scooter referendum" (The Reporter, July 11), here's an irony: while little 3-year-olds wearing big hot plastic helmets scoot along our sidewalks at the pace of about a mile a...

Columbus and Neil Armstrong, explorers

Dear Editor: About a month or so ago, a letter to The Reporter discussed why Columbus Day should continue to be observed as a holiday. Albert Cupo, the author of that letter, made many valid...

The “Law Makers” are “Breaking the Law”!

Dear Editor: Dear Attorney General William Barr: We are a nation of Laws, but no one would know it, considering the very alarming fact that our own elected representatives in Congress are purposely in open defiance...

Let’s legalize cannabis the right way

Dear Editor: After my mother was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1991, I did some research and discovered cannabis could be an effective treatment to alleviate her pain. This personal experience eventually led me to...
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