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How to create a politics of love

Dear Editor: For too long the religious right has had a monopoly on political-spiritual discourse in the United States. Beginning in the late 1970s, right-wing preachers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson (who helped put...

Hudson Is Proud of Our County Executive

Dear Editor: As a lifelong resident of Hudson County for the past seventy years plus this writer is commending our County Executive Tom DeGise for his continuous stance by, for and of the people of...

Pitfalls of dealing with PSEG

Dear Editor: I would like my fellow citizens to be aware of the pitfalls of dealing with PSE&G worry free protection plans. I pay $2.99 per month for a worry free contract to repair and...

Proposed Power Plant. No!

Dear Editor, A new fracked gas power plant has been proposed in the North Bergen Meadowlands to deliver electricity to New York City. But what about the public health, environmental, and climate change impacts? “North Bergen...

Unhealthy politics in NJ

Dear Editor: Why would NJ Governor Murphy, who campaigned for 100 percent clean energy by 2050, support the construction of a huge, dirty, fracked gas power plant, in a North Bergen flood zone (bordering on...

The Wall and Socialism

To the Editor: Mr. John Di Genio compared the border barrier between the US and Mexico with the Berlin Wall. This is an insult and defamation to every German who was shot to death at...

Good men are not your enemies

Dear Editor: This is the most challenging letter that I have ever written because it is probably impossible to say what I want to say without unintentionally offending some people. The bottom-line is this: While I...

Trump does more than any world leader to save Christian lives

To the Editor: What you will never hear on any side of the media is the fact that President Trump has directly intervened in Nigeria where Boko Haram terrorists have massacred over 37,000 people in...

Facilities funding needed

Dear Editor: Horace Mann had the right intentions when he brought reform to the public school education system. I’m sure he would have never imagined how much he has done for all of us, especially...

Let Independent voices be heard

To the Editor, I am one of the 2.4 million independent voters in New Jersey. Independents outnumber both the Democrats and the Republicans here, yet we are excluded from the primaries and locked out of...
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