Weehawken Letters

We Need Stronger Protection for Noise Abuse Victims

Dear Editor: America is a nation of laws. This is occasionally tested historically, as it was by a recent demagogic president (Trump) who thought himself above the law. And by the invasion of our Capitol...

More than a cup of Joe

Dear Editor: Dear Editor, In the first ten minutes of his first address to the Congress, Joe Biden ramped-up the flattering process that politicians have used forever to stir up support. Joe said, β€œIn America, we never...

Rizzo For Governor

Dear Editor: When I pay my taxes, like all Americans, I try to pay as little as possible. Those spending our tax dollars both at a local and federal level have consistently shown themselves incompetent...

Bad Faith and Stealthy Politics

Dear Editor: I have reached the point where I finally have to join those liberal/progressive Democrats who say that it has become impossible to have an honest, intelligent, and reasonable discussion and disagreement with conservative-Republicans...

The Hard, but Loving Work of Uniting America

Dear Editor: My love for Lincoln goes beyond the fact that I was born on his birthday; though that certainly did help. My childhood viewings of Henry Fonda in β€œYoung Mr. Lincoln” (1940) were, for...

Save the Palisade Cliffs

Dear Editor: Senator Nick Sacco is proposing legislation to limit the height of new construction in Hudson County, BUT...his good intention of preserving peoples' incredible NYC skyline view is marred by a developer's proposal to...

Some Want To “Save” Social Security By Abolishing It

Dear Editor: Perhaps my personal favorite of today's growing number of radical-right-wing conservative-Republican "Greatest Hits" of operating out of what Paul Krugman calls "Bad Faith" and what Jane Mayer calls using "Stealth Tactics" is how...

In Memory of Phoebe Snow

Dear Editor: April 26 marks the tenth anniversary of the untimely passing of Phoebe Ann Laub, better known to her many legions of fans as Phoebe Snow. She was 60 years old at the time...

$16 Billion NY Penn Station South Project Is Fantasy

Dear Editor: The adopted New York State budget approved $1.3 billion toward the $16 billion Empire Station Complex is just the first installment. The funds are suppose to pay for transit improvements at NY Penn...

Save Braddock Park-Safe Schools

Dear Editor: For 20 years North Bergen Mayor and State Senator Nick Sacco has resisted moving the NB preschool out of Braddock Park where it has been in violation of NJDEP regulations. Braddock Park is reserved...
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