Weehawken Letters

NJ Residents will pay higher tolls on the Mario Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge

Dear Editor: Many calling for restoring the name of the Mario Cuomo Bridge back to the Tappan Zee Bridge missed something. In 1994, then NY Governor Mario Cuomo changed the name to Malcolm Wilson Tappan...


Dear Editor: To New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy, and To Whom It May Concern: We the People are now 18 months into draconian oppression statewide, nationwide and worldwide, with no end in sight, over an illness...

Corruption Never Has Been Compulsory

Dear Editor: A Latin proverb, “Corruptio optima pessima” (“Corruption of the best becomes the worst”) summarizes the Hudson County political arena. We have heard stories about pay-offs and bribery being an integral part of the political...

Internet for the Cuban People Advisory Committee Resolution

Dear Editor: The active members of the Advisory Committee to the N.J. Center for Hispanic Policy, Research & Development (heaquarteed in Trenton) have issued a statement informing about its Resolution. Submitted to the governor through...

No Money For $10 Billion New Port Authority Midtown Manhattan Bus Terminal In Infrastructure...

Dear Editor: One learns a great deal about what Majority Leader and Senior NY Senator Charles Schumer said or did not say about the benefits of his proposed $1.1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. This includes...

Sucking In the 70’s

Dear Editor: The 70’s was a decade of extremes. We witnessed the beginnings of ecological thinking. But, we also experienced the growth of nuclear energy, climaxed by the “Three Mile Island” melt down. We endured...

There is Too Much Team Fulop

Dear Editor: Mark Twain once quipped: “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” Although humorous, there is a bit of truth to Sam Clemens’s witty, satirical comment. There comes a...

I’m a Knucklehead? That’s not why I protested Phil Murphy in Union City!

Dear Editor: The people who came to protest Phil Murphy came for different reasons. While we all supported the anti-eviction stimulus bill signed into law on Aug. 4th, we all agreed we did not support...

Franco Di Domenica Will Always Be One of Jersey City’s Unsung Heroes

Dear Editor: We are approaching the anniversary of the passing of Dr. Franco Di Domenica, LL.D. On August 10, 2010, Jersey City lost one of its unsung heroes, the legendary Franco Di Domenica: Gentleman, scholar,...

The $1.1 billion infrastructure bill

Dear Editor: Today's Congressional generation could learn much from the late Idaho Republican Senator James A. McClure. For 18 years, he read every word of every bill before voting on it. Even taking an Evelyn...
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