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Reset clocks and change batteries

Dear Editor: Daylight Savings Time ended Sunday, Nov. 4 at 2 a.m. and Eastern Standard Time began. While everyone is adjusting and/or resetting the clocks,...

Hero or villain?

Dear Editor: Moses or Judas, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, Benedict Arnold or Patrick Henry, Jeff Flake or Lindsey Graham? You pick which Flake is....

Seton Hall law profs displayed humility, wisdom, discipline, and respect

Dear Editor: I want to write today to express how proud I am to be a member of the Seton Hall Law School community. While...

A lovely lost

Dear Editor: Words cannot conveyHow simply beautiful you were in every wayMiss you, Mother; wish you were still here a generous lady, so sweet and...

What does a con artist do once he becomes president?

Dear Editor: A recap of the Trump era so far: Donald Trump has accomplished nearly nothing in part because he has a new enthusiasm every...

Stop Worker Abuse in Hudson County

Dear Editor: Throughout our state, wealthy developers are taking advantage of lax labor law enforcement and outdated regulations to increase profit margins by abusing workers,...

Give Bob Hugin a chance

Dear Editor: As a registered Democrat, there are few times where I agree with my Republican friends on issues. But I am intrigued by...

This is not the Hudson County we know and love

Dear Editor: For decades, Hudson County has been a welcoming community and bastion of democratic values. But on Thursday, July 12, we were betrayed when...

Fire deaths on the rise in NJ: eight child victims since January

Dear Editor: How many more families will have to suffer the loss of loved ones due to fire? Tragically, 37 lives have been lost since January,...

The mysteries of botany

Dear Editor: IN SEASON Through tiniest stem the cherry growsAnd makes a little hard pitHow it does that, nobody knowsBut they are studying it. T. Weed
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