West NY Letters

Leave the Statues of Columbus Alone

Dear Editor: Governor Murphy is missing the point about Christopher Columbus. The governor has stated that he supports the removal of “symbols run counter...

Call to Action: Reform

Dear Editor: We're in need of serious reform of police in New Jersey and the nation. There needs to be a New Jersey standards update that...

Diversity Matters

Dear Editor: Some 672 thousand reside in Hudson County; about 40 percent, or 266 thousand, live in Jersey City alone. The people that live in...

My daughters are upset: Fighting the Black Pandemic along with COVID-19

Dear Editor: I am writing this letter as a mother, citizen and psychologist with issues we as women and men face in the AfricanAmerican community....

It Is Time To Face-Down Sexual Harassers

Dear Editor: I have just become a member of an organization called "Times Up." I am a lot like the character of "Ralph Kramden" from...

Memorial Day “heroes”?

Dear Editor: John di Genio, praising our fallen "heroes" on Memorial Day, should read an article on the Internet, "Interventionists Should Use Memorial Day to...

We shall overcome

Dear Editor: Surati for Performing Arts stands in solidarity with our fellow African American artists, performers and community, who have been victims of racism, discrimination...

Reflection in Solidarity with the African-American Community

Over recent weeks, and in recent years, we have witnessed instances of brutal murder of African-Americans by white men, some of whom were in...

Support Our Local Merchants

Dear Editor: No one is really certain how long this virus will afflict us. However, based on recent Congressional actions and government declarations, we know...

Boycott Chinese products, preserve our livelihood

Dear Editor: It is hard to watch as grieving families mourn the painful loss of loved ones due to the Wuhan virus. One has to...
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