West NY Letters


Dear Editor: Kena Dijiba has not one, but two Letters in the Reporter, the first explaining her defection from the Democrats, the second expressing her...

A Better “Normal”

Dear Editor: Sadly, COVID-19 isn’t going away any time soon, no matter how much we crave to return to “normal.” Yet, despite the virus, society...

Last chance to save Braddock Park

Dear Editor: North Bergen officials just don't get it; in a 2000 voter referendum, residents defeated a proposal to build a school in Braddock Park. A...

Dr. Fauci is Incompetent

Dear Editor: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), needs to be removed from the Presidential Coronavirus Advisory...

Governor Murphy’s Incompetence

Dear Editor: Why does New Jersey keep electing such buffoons? We have a Governor who is intentionally preventing small business owners from fully reopening and...

The Unjust Takedown of Bernie Sanders From The Perspective Of An Ex-Democrat

Dear Editor: Cue the iconic Tyra Banks moment when she screams at that emotionally tired model contestant with undeniable passion. “We were rooting for you”....

Paycheck Protection Program Abuse

Dear Editor: Well, well, well, we have billionaires like big-mouth Robert DeNiro, Dr. Phil, Kanye West and other multi-billionaires dipping into the Paycheck Protection Program...

Why I oppose the Braddock Park Diversion

Dear Editor: A new Braddock Park Diversion application to replace the flawed previous version should be rejected immediately. North Bergen is only applying to legally divert...

Biden is unfit to be president

Dear Editor: Anyone looking at Vice President Joseph Biden can see he does not have the cognitive abilities to be the next President of the...

Columbus Symbolizes Hope

Dear Editor: Mario Tagliabue (June 23) is totally missing the point about Christopher Columbus. The voyages of Christopher Columbus represent a tremendous human achievement. His...
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