West NY Letters

No “Millionaires’ Marina” along Liberty State Park’s non-commercial south side

Dear Editor: Liberty State Park is again severely threatened by Governor Christie’s Department of Environmental Protection, which has made public-be-damned destructive backroom plans, this...

Oppose a second marina at Liberty State Park

To the Editor: Everyone should know about and oppose the almost secret plan by state DEP Commissioner Bob Martin to create a second marina at...

Call Congress, oppose gun loopholes

Dear Editor: Over the coming weeks, PACs, special interest groups, and members of Congress will be pushing two innocuously named pieces of legislation from their...

Thank you to the heroic stranger who helped me out

Dear Editor: In a world that often seems as though it is falling apart there are STILL plenty of good people in it! During my...

The NFL has enjoyed taxpayer subsidies

Dear Editor: All passed by Congress when new sports stadiums are constructed in local, county, and state locations across the nation; and I'm talking about...

Get ready and prepare for the colder temperatures on the way

Dear Editor: Recently a large group of volunteers went door to door distributing flyers informing residents about benefits of Union City's Rent Control Board. With...

Offshore wind missing from NJ energy mix

Dear Editor: The coastal breezes are just as strong in both states, yet today Rhode Island is harnessing wind power to generate clean electricity...

The Toll of the Hudson Tunnel

Dear Editor There is more (Al Sullivan -- August 20) concerning the proposed Gateway Tunnel project which needs to be aired. Release of...

Time for legal cannabis in New Jersey

Dear Editor: Throughout the nation, the move to legalize cannabis for medical reasons and recreational purposes is gaining momentum. More than a dozen States have...

Citizen involvement leads to better government

Dear Editor: People tend to think that it is impossible to get involved in their government. They tend to think that it is hopeless...
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