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Imagination Cuts changed Bayonne, one haircut at a time

To the Editor: Just about every day you can read about the changes happening in and around my old hometown, Bayonne. The passing of time...

Don Newcombe helped diversity

Dear Editor: Don Newcombe went to the great baseball diamond in the sky, the legendary "Field of Dreams," on Feb.19, 2019. "Newk" was born in...

In Tune with June

A pretty woman Frequently, I enjoy watching old movies that I enjoyed in the past. One film was a romantic comedy, Pretty Woman (1990). That...

A ‘Tax on Wealth’ will be harder than it appears

Dear Editor: Re: Stewart Epstein's 'Tax on Wealth,' Jan 18. Mr. Epstein is fed up with the Democrats (who isn't!) because they've abandoned their traditional...

Franklin Walker for superintendent of schools

Dear Editor: Prior to the appointment of Marcia Lyles several years ago as Superintendent of the Jersey City Public Schools this writer, along with parents'...

Valuing Jersey City’s diversity

Dear Editor: It is the time of the year for the annual Jersey City State of the City Address and the recent news coverage of...

Goodbye, Peter

Dear Editor: This February marked the 55th anniversary of the Beatles first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, truly a defining moment...

Shame on Nadrowski?

To the Editor: The letter from reader Baer Hanusz-Rajkowski shall not remain unchallenged. For shame and ignorance are with the reader. The reader states that...

Between the Lines

Is Booker the one? Bernie Sanders’ announcement of his candidacy for president in 2020 may put Hudson County Democrats in something of a bind. Sanders was...

In Tune with June!

Barrier Breaker Do you like guessing games?  Frankly, I don’t but here are a few hints for those of you who are interested.  She’s a...
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