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Mother’s Day

Dear Editor: Only once a year? Every day should be Mother's Day, for the proper worship of Man, is Woman, the giver of life, the...

The Special Counsel Report

Dear Editor: It is unbelievable that you have a federal agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, that was so consumed with power and arrogance, willing to...

The Confederate Flag Has No Place in Modern America

Dear Editor: A recent issue is the State Flag of Mississippi. The governor directed that the state flag of Mississippi be removed from Freedom Way...

Fix the unfairness

To the Editor: An open letter from New Jersey Public School employees: As you drive by our district schools, you may have seen educators gathered outside...

Remembering Frank Sinatra 21 years later

To the Editor: Hard to believe singer/actor/entertainer Frank Sinatra left us on May 14, 1998, leaving behind a multitude of classic performances from virtually every...

We can’t afford not to have a Green New Deal

To the Editor: The letter “FDR’S New Deal VS. AOC’s New Green Deal” parrots lots of misinformation spread about the GND by the fossil fuel...

Between the lines

Deal-making in Hoboken Rumors that Councilman Ruben Ramos may have made a deal to replace Ravi Bhalla as mayor of Hoboken appear to be exaggerated. The...

Proposing proactive policy

To the Editor: At the April Bayonne city council meeting, our city council unanimously passed an ordinance (O-10) that would restrict new residents in new...

In Tune with June

They can't shoot a moving target There are many gals named Shirley – the influence of Shirley Temple.  However, I’m glad my mom named me...

Between the Lines

Stressed out in WNY? Zippia, The Career Expert, a professional advice website, recently declared West New York to be the most stressful city in New...
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