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We Need to Talk about Environmental Racism

Dear Editor, As a resident of North Bergen, I was struck by the news of a massive power plant being planned in our neighborhood. Fortunately, the...

De Niro Damages the Image of the Italian People

Dear Editor: Robert De Niro maintains that the president should get hit with a bag of feces. In my opinion, every Italian should grab a...

Everyone Loves Choice!

Dear Editor: AAE Advocacy Fellow, and 2019 New Jersey Charter School Advocate of the Year, Roseangela Mendoza has been the beneficiary of school choice for...

Join me in becoming a Liberal/Progressive Republican

Dear Editor: I am going to enjoy being a new "Liberal/Progressive" Republican. The party needs to appeal more to groups that it has little appeal to...

HEART Act – Helping the Victims of Animal Fighting Rings

Dear Editor: To Rep. Albio Sires: Please co-sponsor the Help Extract Animals from Red Tape (HEART) Act (H.R. 1228). This vital legislation would help to improve...

Wonder Woman in Hoboken

Dear Editor: I had the pleasure of visiting your city in October when the following occurred. My daughter-in-law who lives nearby had a dental appointment in...

Arrested? For this?

Dear Editor: On this years pub crawl (Eight Arrested in Hoboken SantaCon, Hudson Reporter, Dec. 9), one of the arrested was Gaveric Bach, who was...

Earth’s atmosphere is a shared commodity

Dear Editor: Regarding the November 21 and December 5 letters about climate change and its impact on shorelines, every country shares the same atmosphere. Air...

December 7th, 1941

Dear Editor: Does anyone remember December 7th, 1941,"A day the will in infamy"? I think not. It was the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed...

Christmas is more than shopping at the store

Dear Editor: I have firmly believed that the Christmas season ushered in a period of joy, harmony, and celebration. It was as if the Christmas...
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