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It Takes a City

As the piles of snow have melted around Bayonne, we have seen litter and grime that were trapped underneath. Those snow mounds were hiding...

Support Alzheimer’s Funding

Dear Editor: Alzheimer’s disease is one of America’s most expensive diseases, costing more than heart disease and cancer. In 2021, caring for people with Alzheimer’s...

Dealing with Garbage and Recycling

Recently, we have received a lot of questions about garbage and recycling service in Bayonne. The City of Bayonne’s contracts for garbage and recycling...

Our Appliances are Stealing our Energy

Dear Editor: Keeping the lights on isn’t cheap; and when you add up the energy costs of all my appliances I use when I’m working...

Honoring Edith Ferrell

At its meeting last week, the Bayonne City Council passed a resolution that will name a portion of 19th Street after Edith Ferrell, a...

Place A Cap On Personal Fortunes

Dear Editor: I am looking for a 2024 candidate for US President who will run on a "Robin Hood Agenda" that is similar to Huey...

Jersey City’s “Urban Feudalism”

Dear Editor: Jersey City's Council committed an egregious error by awarding the $6.7 million contract to upgrade the pedestrian plaza on Newark Avenue. Holding public...

Always Part of Bayonne

February is Black History Month.  This is a great time to recognize the important role that the Black community has played in Bayonne since...

One Year Later

It came in on a ship. It attracted a tribe of journalists with cameras and microphones. It was a sign of things to come....

A Weed Pops Up in Hoboken

Dear Editor: Dear editor: Yes, it's winter, snow lies everywhere, but a new Weed has appeared and it will soon join the other Weeds on the...
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