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Causes of war

Dear Editor: A recent letter, "Lies are the foundation of War," December 21, 2018 maintains that duplicity, deceit, and deception form the basis of -...

Do traffic rules even exist in Hoboken?

Dear Editor: I don't mean to sound like I'm shouting "get off my lawn" at age 40, but I'm surprised there are not more accidents,...

Lies are the foundation of war

Dear Editor: Re: “The End of WW1,” The Hudson Reporter, Nov. 15: Wars start because, as Mark Twain said, “A Lie can travel halfway around the...

New bill provides hope for climate change

Dear Editor: I recently watched “Bad Tidings”, a documentary about the residents of Sea Bright, New Jersey, after Hurricane Sandy. It explores their decisions to...

A college tuition proposal

Dear Editor: A problem that affects and hurts a lot of American families is the high cost of a college education. I'd like to propose...

Between the lines Back to the future -- again

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Back at the end of 1989, then Jersey City Councilman Bill O’Dea took out his...

An act of kindness

To the Editor: I'd like to share my story. On a Saturday night, I went to ShopRite and I ran into a friend. We shopped...

Thanks for making the 2018 Field of Heroes a success

To the Editor: As we approach our 100th Anniversary, on behalf of all officers and members of our World War I Historical Joyce-Herbert VFW Post...

Hoboken is undergoing gradual but relentless gentrification

Dear Editor: As a 37-year Hoboken resident who parks in a city-owned garage, I read with dismay the Nov. 20 Hoboken Reporter article reporting the...

Not so gloom and doom on the horizon

Dear Editor: There's a Silver Lining up ahead. OK, so the Dems Won the House. But, it may portend a good thing for President Trump and...
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