GoFundMe for Dave’s Auto Repair in Hoboken Explosion


12/20/2021 - 12/31/2023    
All Day

Hello friends and family, My name is Marisol Quinones, owner of Dave’s Auto repair in Hoboken NJ on 660 Newark street. As you may already know the whole building covering 4 blocks in perimeter has suffered an explosion that put Dave’s and 50 other business’s out of service. I am not able to work, pay my employees or enter the shop. please help me in any way possible. Now is a very trying time for me and the shop along with the other businesses and the 3 family’s who have lost there loved ones in the explosion. Its an ongoing investigation and the building is still on fire as we speak. You are able to look up the fire on NJ.com/Fatal 3-alarm fire at 38 Jackson street.