Head Over Heels


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Event Description: Join us livestream or in-studio for Head Over Heels, Thursday, June 24th, from 7:30PM-9PM. Led by Bre, this inversion workshop allows us to practice letting go- the hardest asana. Explore the possibilities of allowing your mind to be free and of having fun in your asana practice. Let’s play, laugh, and gracefully fall Head Over Heels. In this workshop you will:

•Begin with an invigorating flow

•Learn drills and tools to generate strength and body awareness

•Learn how to fall properly

•Explore various arm balances and inversions

•Learn how to incorporate inversions into your daily practice

Price: Live stream: 25$ / In-studio: 35$

Website: Sign up at https://www.urbansoulsyoga.com/june-workshops/2021-inversion-yoga-workshop