Intention Setting for 2023


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Event Description: Reveal your soul’s desire in the New Year with clarity and an open heart.

Unearth your heart’s deepest desires for the New Year with guidance from our Teacher Training Team. With busy lives and a bombardment of stimuli from all angles, it is very challenging to quiet our minds enough to hear the voice of our “inner teacher.”

Join us and let Steph, Dana, Allie and Brendan help you settle the noise and create space for your sacred intention to be revealed. In this yoga deep dive, you will be guided on a journey of mind, body and spirit. Our teachers, four masters of their crafts, will use resonant sound healing, breathing techniques, intentional movements and deep meditation to help calm the waves of your mind and body so you can listen to your soul’s wish for your life.  

You will have the opportunity to wrap up this amazing journey and seal in the benefits by journaling, a Q & A with the team, and light snacks with the group at the end of the experience.

Price: 50$