SOMETHING BLUE by Panepinto Galleries


9:00 am - 6:00 pm


PANEPINTO GALLERIES, in collaboration with SPEAR STREET CAPITAL, presents SOMETHING BLUE, highlighting artwork by four artists based in Jersey City and West Orange, New Jersey – Stephen Cimini, Candy Le Sueur, Tatsuro Nishimura and Shari-Beth Susskind.

From symbolism, to psychology, to décor, to art – the most popular color in the world by far is the color Blue. Color is integral within our society and evokes a myriad of sensations and memories. Blue is found in nature in pale Blue skies and deep Blue waters, which have the psychological affect of being and calm and serene. Blue also portrays stability and reliability and has even been proven that people are more productive in Blue rooms. Wisdom, inspiration, communication, and the gift of word and song are some spiritual beliefs associated with the color Blue. Colors have meaning and have been used as powerful symbols throughout time.

Using various mediums, see how these four artists are bringing the magic of “Something Blue” into their art and inspiring our lives. The artists featured in this exhibition will explore the color Blue through an underling theme of abstraction through the use of oil paint, resin, acrylic paint and photography.
OPEN WEEKLY:                 Monday through Friday, 9am – 6pm 
                                              Additionally available by appointment and private events
​EXTENDED HOURS:        March 16 & 17, 2019 9am – 6pm #ArtFair14C

LOCATION:                         70 Hudson Street, Jersey City, New Jersey
                                              (Entrance on Hudson River Waterfront Walkway & Grand Street) 

Cimini’s mix media oil paintings build on architectural origins, creating patterns which allow a symmetrical, meditative composition to emerge. While Le Sueur’s landscape oil paintings continue to push her work into nonobjective abstraction with gestural brushstrokes through the many layers of Blue. Adding an alternate dimension to the exhibition, Nishimura’s hand-made cyanotype photography incorporates the art of capturing the sun’s ultraviolet rays in order to leave blueprints of objects on paper. Susskind builds each painting one layer at a time, carefully controlling the flow of resin and pigment to create an experience by revealing the complexities of this multi-layered approach. Each of these artists abstract work all tie into the natural world and the use of the color Blue.

Panepinto Galleries was founded by Stefania Panepinto in 2011 as a collective space to host gallery exhibitions, photo shoots and film screenings. Once located in the heart of the Powerhouse Arts District in Jersey City, NJ, the gallery and artist’s studios have been a vital influence in nurturing a vibrant community for artists, local residents and visitors from the surrounding metro area. Through Panepinto Fine Art, Panepinto also assists corporate and private clients in acquiring art collections for residential buildings, hotels, offices and homes by offering a personalized service creating a comprehensive and quality collection focused on contemporary art.

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