The Awesome!


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Event Description: Join us at “The Awesome!” on Tuesday June 15th, and get ready to feel awesome! Everyone wants to feel AWESOME, and there are countless ways to improve how we feel in our bodies. One system that allows us to feel healthy is our energy. When our energy system flows freely, we experience radiant health. Led by Leigh Higgins and Brendan Gibbons, this experience pairs ancient practices with modern science to improve and maintain your vital energy flow. “The Awesome!” revitalizes and relaxes by combining QiGong, vigorous breathing, body tapping, and energy flow mediation. This practice will allow you to maximize your innate healing abilities as well as release deeply held stress and stagnant energy through a super-fun practice of easy, flowing movements.

Price: Live stream: 25$ / In-studio: 35$

Website: Sign up at