The Tea – Interview With The Stars – Gospel Stage Play


05/24/2019 - 05/26/2019    
6:00 pm


If you could step into some sort of time machine, and go back to the ancient past, where would you go?  Which of the people in the pages of the bible would you want to meet and talk to most?

The Bible is chock full of stories of some of the most famous people of all time.  And boy do they have stories.  Erica Winfield is the host of the Emmy winning talk show “The Tea” where she connects her audience to some of the most prolific trailblazers of our time.

Erica Winfield will have her hands full as she brings center stage, the true-life adventures of real people from the Bible, in what promises to be the most Iconic Interviews of all time.  Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses, Jezebel, Judas, Pharaoh King of Egypt, King Solomon, and Queen Athalia travel through the corridors of time to the present day, to give a first-hand account of their timeless stories.  Stories of good versus evil, right versus wrong, and heroes versus villains!  Life-shaping lessons that point Men, Women and children alike to God—the greatest hero of all!

Prepare to laugh like crazy, cry, and lift your hands in praise as the truth of God’s word comes to life in this Gospel Comedy.


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