Vata Workshop


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Event Description: Join us on Thursday, October 7th from 7:30PM-9PM for our Vata workshop led by Dana Moss.

Have you ever noticed that Fall makes you feel restless and ungrounded? In the practice of Ayurveda, Fall through early Winter is Vata season. Vata is one of three energetic doshas: Vata (air and space), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (water and earth). Ayurveda teaches us that these energies, along with the five elements, exist in nature and in each of us—circulating within and governing physiological activity.

Each of us is made up of all three doshas, but our unique constitution (or “prakriti”) will determine which dosha is primary and which is secondary. But no matter what your prakriti is, cyclical, seasonal changes in nature can cause our doshas to become unbalanced. 

The good news? Our yoga practice can help us to regulate these imbalances, so we can fall right in line with the season! This workshop is designed to assist you in aligning with Fall and the sense of grounding needed to achieve balance. We will begin with gentle movement, transition to restorative postures, then finish with a calming, restful Yoga Nidra. 

Price: Livestream: 25$ / In-Studio: 35$