Virtual Drag Bingo – Friday, November 25 at 8pm ET


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Type

Let’s get basted! Thanksgiving Eve is a great time to reconnect with friends old and new. Come play Virtual Drag Queen Bingo with us to kick off the holidays and let loose!

Jersey City’s Vanity Ray hosts 4 rounds of bingo online using Zoom. Prizes include gift certificates to Jersey Social and the West Side Partnership, bingo boards, and cash for the final round! Each game also features fierce performances by Vanity herself!

$12 per Bingo board. You can use the same board for all 4 games or buy more to increase your odds.


Cash prize is a percentage of ticket sales; the more people that play, the higher the cash prize!


Zoom can be accessed online via a computer or mobile device, you just need Wifi. To download Zoom and create a free account on a desktop or laptop, go to and follow the onsite instructions. To download on a smartphone/mobile device, please download the Zoom app from the AppStore and follow the setup instructions. Make sure you’ve updated to the most recent version, 5.3.1. (You can check your version by following these steps.)