Yoga for Back Care


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Event Description: Whether you have pre-existing back woes or wish to make sure you never do, this workshop is invaluable! Join Brendan as he guides us through a fun practice designed to strengthen and mobilize the spine safely and effectively. You will learn how to build the muscles key to providing spine stability while increasing ROM (range of motion) in complementary parts of the body. By doing so, you will also benefit from reducing strain on the spine during daily tasks such as bending to lift something, tying shoes, walking up and down stairs, running, working out, etc.

On a daily basis, it can be a challenge to be sure we are protecting our backs while limiting the wear and tear that comes with using our bodies in repetitive ways. In this workshop, you will learn how to “listen” more mindfully to your body’s messages so that you know when and how to modify both your daily routine and your yoga practice. Ultimately, you will leave equipped with a list of poses to build into a daily routine that keeps your spine supple and ready for ACTION!

Price: In-studio: 35$ / Livestream: 25$