How to Become a Cam Model and Earn Big Bucks Through Webcam Modeling

how to become a cam model

Look at you looking into how to become a cam model. You want your piece of the big bucks and luxurious life you see cam girls bragging about, don’t you?

Make no mistake – all the success stories are true.

Webcam modeling really is THAT GOOD. But there’s the other side of the coin, too – girls who shell out a significant amount of money to get started only to end up spending days on their beds, not getting any cash.

And quitting soon thereafter.

Which category you’ll fall under depends on YOU and you alone. This guide on how to become a cam model will help you ace the cam modeling game and bring in the big bucks, so soak up the knowledge.

How to Become a Cam Model – Preview

  • What is a cam model
  • What webcam models do
  • Pros and cons of being a cam girl
  • Equipment you need for webcam modeling
  • Your camming space setup
  • Law, safety, and privacy
  • Best cam sites to work on
  • How to make more money on a cam site
  • What NOT to do as a cam girl
  • Quick webcam modeling tips
  • FAQs on how to become a cam model

What Is a Cam Model

A cam model or a cam girl, as they’re most commonly referred to, is an entertainer who performs on the internet via a webcam.

Cam girls perform in all corners of the world wide web, but they tend to favorite webcam sites.

Camming is a part of the adult industry, which means the content cam girls put out is of sexual nature, one way or the other.

What Webcam Models Do

cam girl undressing

Different webcam models do different things, but as webcam modeling is a part of the adult industry, it all revolves around sexual content.

Putting on sexy cam shows while lying in your bed (or tub) in lingerie or other types of sexy outfits and playing with sex toys is the most common type of webcam modeling.

Basically, it’s like striptease but from the safety and comfort of your private room.

Some cam girls take things further than that and either engage in sexual action with other cam models or have their boyfriends join the show.

Different cam girls also have different approaches to cam shows, and successful cam girls are successful because they stand out in the crowd.

And they stood out by doing things their own way and creating a unique theme or brand for their webcam business.

The bottom line is – webcam modeling is what you make it to be.

You can go as far as you want and do things your own way. But it is adult entertainment, so you’re gonna have to be unafraid to release your inner sexual goddess.

Pros and Cons of Being a Cam Girl

Before we tell you how to become a cam model, let’s go over the pros and cons of webcam modeling on a cam site so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Pros of Being a Cam Girl

  • You’re your own boss – You get to set your own schedule on the cam site and make all the decisions about your webcam work. This gives you a lot of freedom but also responsibility if you want to know how to become a cam model who earns a lot.
  • You can make a lot of moneyWebcam modeling beats minimum wage jobs in more ways than once, but the biggest one is that you get to make good money. You don’t need a huge audience to earn big tips.
  • You never have to go to the office – If you’re not one for an office job, you’ll love working on a cam site. You can make your money from the comfort of your home and never deal with transit or office blues again.
  • You feel like a goddessCam girls get A LOT of attention from cam site viewers. They’re all there in the chat room for you, and they’ll shower you with compliments and generous tips, making you feel like a goddess.
  • You get to explore your sexuality – Let’s face it, most cam girls start working on a cam site to earn extra cash. But if you’re a free spirit, you’ll also love exploring your sexuality and just feelin’ yourself while in that camming space.

Cons of Being a Cam Girl

  • Cashflow inconsistency – Webcam modeling may mean good money, but it also means inconsistent money. This is the major issue for new models just starting out on a cam site, but it’s not that big of a deal for the already established cam models.
  • Others can judge you – We live in a flawed world, and some people just love to be up in other people’s business. That means you may get judged or looked down on by even the people you know.
  • The internet remembers – Everything you put online stays there forever. This may be an issue for your future employment if someone discovers the cam site you were on and the content you put there.
  • Not all cam site viewers are nice – Most viewers will shower you with big tips and compliments, but not everyone in the chat room will always be nice. You’ll get your fair share of jerks, too.
  • You still have to work hard – Webcam modeling may mean good money, but it’s not easy money by any means. You would still have to put in the work and stay consistent if you want to be a successful cam girl.

Equipment You Need for Webcam Modeling

lekker wijf

If you still want to learn how to become a cam model, stay put because we’re about to go into the nitty-gritty. And we’ll from the beginning, as one should, and go over the equipment you need to become a cam model.

And we’ll be real with you in terms of what you really need to spend money on and what’s less important, especially for new cam girls.

Here’s what every cam girl needs:

  • A computer
  • A webcam, obviously
  • Rock-solid internet connection
  • A mic
  • Good-enough lighting
  • Sex toys
  • Lingerie & sexy outfits
  • Some optional stuff

Every Cam Girl Needs a Computer

There’s no figuring out how to become a cam model without a computer. Here’s the good news – you absolutely don’t need the latest gaming computer that costs thousands of dollars.

You are likely already reading this on a computer.

If not, chances are you have a functioning computer already. If it works well and it’s not too slow, you don’t really need to buy a new one.

Any decent laptop or desktop computer will do.

This is not the thing you want to splurge on, even if you’re eager to invest in starting your cam girl career. Trust us – the things you absolutely need to invest in are coming right up, so you can skip this one and still learn how to become a cam model that absolutely slays.

There’s No Webcam Modeling Without a Webcam

Obviously, you’ll need a webcam to perform on any live cam modeling site. But a webcam is another one of the things new webcam girls shouldn’t spend a lot of money on.

If that laptop of yours has a built-in webcam, just use that one.

That’s what all the other cam models do at the beginning, anyways. Besides, laptops these days have pretty solid cameras, and proper lighting can help make your screen on the cam site look professional.

If your laptop camera is broken or something, or you plan on cam modeling from your desktop, you’re gonna have to buy one, obviously.

A USB HD webcam that streams 720p (and up) videos is good enough.

That’s what most big-name cam models started with, and they’ve all nailed the ‘how to become a cam model’ and bring in big bucks.

Rock-Solid Internet Connection Is a Must

Now here’s a thing you ABSOLUTELY should invest in – your internet connection. You just have to have a fast and stable internet connection.

Your connection can make or break your camming career.

It’s what connects you to the cam site, runs the show, and what can stop the show and make all those viewers turn to other models in a split second.

One internet issue is enough to send all the big spenders elsewhere.

Not to mention if you continuously have issues that make the streams bug or cut the webcam show (especially a private show, yikes) – the people just won’t bother coming to your cam room at all.

So, invest in your internet, and go by the rule, ‘ the faster, the better.’

Cam Girls Also Need a Mic

All the cam models who have figured out how to become a cam model that earns a lot of money know that cam girls need a good quality microphone.

And now you do, too.

Again, your computer or the camera you’re using already has a mic. But sadly, this mic just won’t do.

But don’t worry – a new mic doesn’t have to break the bank.

You just can’t use the one on your computer because it’ll be far away, and you won’t be able to maintain that personal connection with your viewers, and that’s what makes webcam shows.

Don’t get the cheapest one, but don’t get the expensive professional ones either.

Go with mid-range ones, and make sure they’ve got the right kind of connection, so you can connect them to your computer.

Lighting for Your Cam Site Screen

Ah, the lighting. This is an essential aspect of webcam shows as it makes your screen on the cam site look professional and fixes any issues your webcam may have.

It even makes you look better!

So, you need it. Can’t become a webcam model without it. There are two ways you can go about the lightning:

  1. Keep/get the basic ring light
  2. Use the 3-point lighting system

Each of these has its pros and cons. If you already have a ring light, obviously, the biggest pro is that you don’t have to spend money.

Even if you don’t, and need to buy it, it’s cheap.

And it’ll do – many cam models have figured out how to become a cam model, and earn big bucks by using just a ring light

But if you feel like investing in this part, you should definitely go with the 3-point lighting system that will make you seem like a pro cam model right from the start.

The 3-point lighting system includes the main light, the fill light, and the backlight.

The main light shines right at you, and it’s the most important. The fill light gets rid of the shadows the main light makes, and the backlight then separates you from the background, making it all look super professional.

It’s the pro way of doing lightning, but it’s definitely not a must when starting out as a cam model.

Sex Toys Make the Webcam Shows

Adult toys like dildos and butt plugs are what really spice up webcam shows, and there are all kinds of them. You don’t have to go all out and get a complete sex toy chest to know how to become a cam model.

A few will do, but don’t cheap out on those that go inside your body.

Part of knowing how to become a cam model is learning what the dangerous sex toy materials are so you can choose toys made of body-safe materials.

The best sex toys are interactive sex toys.

These will really make your shows, especially the private shows, and customers pay a lot of money for those.

Interactive sex toys let those big spenders in private shows control them and your pleasure – they love that.

Lingerie & Sexy Outfits

hot cam model

You can’t learn how to become a cam model and go into webcam modeling without sexy outfits – these are your work clothes.

You can choose all sorts of lingerie and outfits – there are no rules on what a cam girl should wear.

Many popular cam girls love lingerie, and their viewers love seeing them in it even more. But lingerie is hardly the end-all-be-all of what you can wear when performing on a cam site.

You’ve got all sorts of costumes you can get to spice things up.

There’s no need to buy branded stuff, really – men don’t even notice those things, so don’t go wild with the credit card.

Some Optional Webcam Modeling Stuff

Options are endless when it comes to the accessories you can buy in a bid to nail the ‘how to become a cam model’ task.

That goes for props and equipment both.

Whips, chains, spinning wheels, masks – you name it. You can come up with ideas on your own, too, and make yourself stand out among other cam girls.

You can also get a wireless keyboard, so you can sext your fans and those in private shows.

Create the Perfect Cam Girls Setup

Getting the right equipment is far from being done with preparations to become a webcam model. Setting up your camming space is next on the list.

You’ll need the right staging:

  • A comfy camming area
  • Soundproofing
  • Set the right background
  • Accessories & props
  • Keep it neat

Cam Girls Need a Comfy Setup

You’ll spend a lot of time webcam modeling on your cam site, so you want your camming space to be super comfy.

Most cam girls stream from their beds, as you’ve probably noticed.

There are many reasons for that – those figuring out how to become a cam model are often limited by their budget and living situation, and their bedroom is kinda the only option.

And beds are just the most comfortable AND sexy.

It’d be great if you had an accent chair or sofa, too, to make things more versatile, but your bed will do as you begin to become a cam girl.

Getting nicer bedding would mean a lot as cheap cotton ones look – well, cheap.

Soundproof Your Webcam Modeling Home Studio

If you don’t live alone, you’ll need to soundproof your webcam modeling home studio, aka your bedroom, as you try to figure out how to become a cam model.

The other occupants won’t be thrilled to hear you cam, and the folks on the cam site don’t want to hear your roommates.

It takes away all the sexiness of a girl alone, giving them attention.

So, hit the internet or hardware stores for some acoustic foam panels for the walls or doors that connect to the house/apartment.

This will set you back approximately $30 per wall, depending on the size, of course.

The Right Background for a Cam Site

If you want to become a cam girl, you’ll need to make your room or what is visible on the cam site more alluring.

You do that by getting rid of all the unsexy things you’ve got on your walls.

Then you’ll need to figure out your theme – do you want a darker BDSM-like setup or a sweet-girl theme or something else?

Your background needs to match your overall content theme.

Think pillows, ring lights, neon lights, plants are good, too, or fake roses, depending on the theme you decide to go with.

Every Cam Girl Needs Accessories & Props

Figuring out your theme has a lot to do with figuring out how to become a cam model. But you can’t always keep the same background – you have to switch things up a notch from here and there.

This especially goes if you’re always camming from the same space.

So shift things around from time to time. Also, take advantage of the holidays – Valentine’s Day, St. Paddy’s, Christmas, and all others, even minor ones.

Get attractive decorations to mark each occasion.

Keep Things Clean and Neat

The single most important thing when you’re figuring out how to become a cam model when it comes to your space is to REMOVE ALL MESS. You don’t want your viewers’ attention to shift to all the things around you.

Keep it neat and clean to keep their eyes on you so those big tips keep coming your way.

If you have certain things you don’t want to be seen, you can use curtains or room dividers, too, depending on your space.

Law, Safety, and Privacy

Here comes the boring part – legalities and bureaucracy. It may be boring, but it sure is essential for all who want to know how to become a cam model, so you’d better pay attention.

Webcam Modeling & the Law

Those who want to know how to become a cam model also want to know if cam shows are legal in the US. To that, we say – yes, cam shows are legal!

Duh. We wouldn’t be giving you tips on how to break the law.

And as with any other work you do in this country, you have to pay taxes. And you really have to because the IRS will get you if you don’t, and you don’t want to mess with the IRS – they took Al Capone down.

As a webcam model, the best way to legalize your business is to classify yourself as a ‘self-employed independent contractor.’

Now, when you pay taxes, you pay for net profit, which means you’ll get to write off the things you need for your business, like the equipment and even lingerie.

That’s some good news right there.

Protecting Cam Girls’ Safety and Privacy

What every webcam girl (and all sex workers in general) or a girl trying to figure out how to become a cam model worries the most about are LEAKS, of course.


Sadly, it happens to almost every successful webcam model sooner or later, and chances are it’ll happen to you, too.

BUT there is a way to protect yourself from leaks.

You want to get your content copyrighted. Then you can demand that any platform that uploads your content takes it off.

Even if you don’t copyright your content and find leaks somewhere, you can talk to your webcam platform. They likely have theirs protected, and your content is also kinda their content legally, so they can help.

Those who leak your content can then get into a whole lot of legal trouble then.

Quick Cam Girl Privacy Tips

There are certain steps each webcam girl can take to protect her safety and privacy on cam sites. Here are the most important ones:

  • Don’t use your real name – Other models don’t do it either, and there’s a big reason for that. You don’t want all your fans to be able to find your real name, address, other job, or even family. Guard your everyday life like a hawk.
  • Geo-blocking is a thing – There’s this nice thing called geo-blocker that lets you block people from your town or state from seeing your content. Use it, and generally avoid sharing your town or even state.
  • Get a PO box – Your fans will want to send you all kinds of gifts and fan mail, and there will be some good stuff, too, so you want it. But DO NOT give your personal address at any time. Set up a PO box instead.
  • Careful with chat room linksYour fans will send you links to see, react to, or try to do, and that’s all part of live streaming. But you’ve got to be careful with what you click on, as there are some baddies out there sending viruses and phishing links.
  • Don’t take money via personal accounts Those have all your personal information that you don’t want revealed. Also, PayPal doesn’t support payments for escort services, and the sender can later claim the payment was just that, and you lose the money.

5 Best Cam Sites to Work On

A part of figuring out how to become a cam model is figuring out what cam site you’ll use. The best cam sites to stream from are:

1. Chaturbate – Best Cam Site Overall


Monthly traffic

60+ million

Average cam girl monthly pay

$6,000 full-time

Site-model split

40/60% – site/model

Payout frequency


Chaturbate is the absolute giant among cam sites and a favorite of most cam models. Who wouldn’t want tens of millions of viewers each month?

The most popular models pull thousands of viewers to their cam room every day.

They also pull around $6,000 a month on average through both public and private shows. The downside is that the competition is fierce, so you’d really want to stand out.

>>Become a cam girl on Chaturbate

2. LiveJasmin – Best Cam Site for Cam-Splitting


Monthly traffic

3 million

Average cam girl monthly pay

$4,000 full-time

Site-model split

  • Earn more money as you grow
  • 20-70% to site
  • 30-80% to model

Payout frequency


LiveJasmin is another favorite among cam girls. It gets much less traffic than Chaturbate, but that can be a good thing – less competition. This LiveJasmin review goes deeper into that topic.

Cam girls also like it as it is the best place for cam-splitting, so you can live stream to multiple platforms and earn more money.

The best part is that you get a $500 sign-up bonus that can help you get started.

LiveJasmin takes 70% of your earnings when you start, but as you grow and earn more, they take less, so that percentage can come down to 30%.

>>Join LiveJasmin to become a webcam model

3. BongaCams – Cam Site That Takes the Lowest Cut


Monthly traffic

15+ million

Average cam girl monthly pay

$4,200 full-time

Site-model split

  • 10-40% to site
  • 60-90% to model

Payout frequency


If your idea of the best cam site is the one that takes the lowest cut, you’ll love BongaCams. BongaCams lets their cam girls keep up to 90% of their income.

That’s impressive.

The downside is that BongaCams is one of those exclusive token sites, which means there are no private shows.

Still, their cam models end up taking around $4,200 per month on average.

>>Become a cam girl on BongaCams and keep 90%

4. Stripchat – Top Starter Cam Site


Monthly traffic

30+ million

Average cam girl monthly pay

$5,890 full-time

Site-model split

  • 40-50% to site
  • 60-50% to model

Payout frequency


Stripchat is the best cam site for all the girls still figuring out how to become a cam model. It gives you a lot of freedom to choose how you want to charge your viewers – via tokens or per minute.

There’s also support for newbies by boosting their profiles.

And with 30+ million viewers a month, it’s a pretty sizable camming platform, so it’s no wonder performers get to take home around $5,890 a month on average when camming full-time.

>>Join Stripchat and get those big spenders to your room

5. OnlyFans – Earn Easy Extra Cash as a Cam Girl


Monthly traffic

50+ million

Average cam girl monthly pay

4,000+ full time

Site-model split

20% to site, 80% to model

Payout frequency

Every 3 weeks

OnlyFans is not one of the cam sites per se, but we know all the girls who want to know how to become a cam model also want easy extra cash.

When you get into camming, you’ll have LOTS of adult content, whether from streams or pics you take in between.

It would be a shame for it all to go to waste when you can upload it on OnlyFans and sell nudes for easy extra cash. You might even get to become one of the most popular OnlyFans models.

>>Get easy extra income via OnlyFans

How to Make More Money on a Cam Site

OK, now you know the basics of how to become a cam model. But you don’t want to be just any kind of live cam girl and waste your time and potential, do you?

You want to know how to become a cam model that earns serious money.

The webcam modeling struggle is real, but it can be well worth it if you know what you’re doing and work hard. Here’s how to kill it as a cam girl:

  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • But be consistent
  • And shameless in self-promotion
  • Everyone lovers engaging and approachable cam girls
  • Patience pays off

1. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

The more isn’t always the merrier – sitting in front of your camera 10 hours a day and looking all tired and uninterested won’t help you earn a lot of money as a webcam model.

Quality will trump quantity in webcam modeling. EVERY TIME.

So, prepare yourself for the show and be active and flirty when the camera rolls. It’s better to stream less but more high-quality, especially as you’re just starting.

People come to your cam room for adult entertainment and LOTS of action, and if you want to know how to become a cam model that earns tons of money, you’ll give them just that.

2. But Be Consistent

Choosing quality over quantity as you try to figure out how to become a cam model doesn’t mean you should log in every 2 months and then wonder why you’re not bringing in big bucks as a cam girl.

Like with social media platforms, consistency is the name of the game.

Treat webcam modeling as a job from day 1, and set a schedule that works for you. Then stick to it as you want your viewers to know when you’ll be streaming and get used to it.

3. And Shameless in Sell-Promoting

If you want to know how to become a cam model that’s killing the camming game, you must first know a thing or two about marketing.

Marketing is vital as it spreads the word about you and your streams to people.

So many people would LOVE to watch you, but they don’t even know you’re there. But marketing costs money.

This is a good thing to invest in if you can.

If not, use your existing social media platforms to get the word out. If you’d rather not connect them to your side hustle, shamelessly promote yourself in other girls’ rooms, collaborate, and slap your links all over the adult corner of the internet.

4. Everyone Loves Engaging and Approachable Cam Girls

People want to watch a SHOW, and that’s what you should give them if you want to know how to become a cam girl that makes big bucks.

Start the show when the camera rolls, don’t wait to get an X number of viewers.

Have confidence, and don’t be afraid to experiment and do something unexpected. Engage your audience and be nice and approachable.

5. Patience Pays Off

On your journey of figuring out how to become a cam model that earns a lot of money, you’ll be tempted to quit. Many times.

Camming may be all that, but it takes a lot of work and patience to get there.

So stick it out. Endure all the days when there’s barely anyone in your stream, for you shall reap great benefits.

What NOT to Do as a Cam Girl

cam model booty

We told you what to do if you want to know how to become a cam model, but there are also things you need to avoid if you really want to make it big.

So, here’s what not to do while webcam modeling:

  • Don’t demand tips – NEVER ask or pester viewers into tipping you or force them into private Skype shows or whatever. Make the options known, but don’t be pushy. It will turn them away.
  • Don’t push them to stay in private chat longer – Don’t play time with them. They WILL notice, and it’s off-putting. Make it all look natural and like you’re enjoying yourself and them. THAT will get them to stay longer.
  • Don’t copy other models – Drawing inspiration is one thing, but copying someone else’s work is another. Do you, and it will feel more real and attractive to your viewers, making them tip more.
  • Don’t play on your phone – There’s nothing worse than a live cam model cam that just sits idle or plays on her phone. That will get you nowhere with viewers, so start the shows when the camera starts rolling.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no – You work for tips, and you should aim to please your chatters. But that doesn’t mean you should just say yes to everything or do the things you don’t want to do. Saying no and blocking users are within your rights.

FAQS on How to Become a Cam Model

Before we wrap this cam girl guide up, we wanted to answer some of the most common questions on how to become a cam model.

What Are the Best Ways to Become a Cam Model?

The best ways to become a cam model are to:

  • Get the right equipment
  • Set up your camming space
  • Choose the best cam site
  • Learn the ropes of camming
  • Know what NOT to do

Why Is It a Good Idea to Become a Cam Model Online?

It is a good idea to become a cam model online because you get to be your own boss, make tons of money, and feel like an absolute goddess.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Being a Cam Model?

Here are the pros and cons of being a cam model:


  • You’re your own boss
  • You can make a lot of money
  • You never have to go to the office
  • You feel like a goddess
  • You get to explore your sexuality


  • Cashflow inconsistency
  • You can be judged by others
  • Internet remembers
  • Not all cam site viewers are nice
  • You still have to work hard

Learn How to Become a Cam Model and Ace the Game

Listen, all of this may sound like too much info right now. We get it – camming ain’t easy! It may not be a ‘real job,’ but it sure is a lot of work.

But it also is ALL THAT.

You just need to learn how to become a cam model that brings in big bucks and be willing to put in the work to get there.

And choose the best cam site to propel you to cam stardom, of course.

If you are willing to work for it and follow this guide, the sky’s the limit. We wish you the best of luck!