No BS LiveJasmin Review: Features, Pros & Cons, Prices & More (2023)

livejasmin signup

Everyone keeps raving about cam sites, and they usually single out LiveJasmin as one of the best ones.

Don’t get us wrong – cam sites really are ALL THAT.

But they also ain’t cheap, and LiveJasmin is a play-to-play kind of cam site. So, naturally, you want to make sure you’ll get value for money before you reach out for your credit card.

And we are here with this LiveJasmin review to help you figure out if LiveJasmin is worth the price for you.

Better yet – we also bring you the best LiveJasmin alternatives in case you decide it’s not.

LiveJasmin in a Nutshell

Before we get down to it and start dissecting Live Jasmin at length, we’ll go over the nitty-gritty for all our skim-reading legends. So, here’s Live Jasmin at a glance – the pros, cons, and a short introduction.

About LiveJasmin

Adult webcam sites may be a dime a dozen, but reputable sites with actually beautiful girls who know how to put on a show and sleek features aren’t that easy to find, and Live Jasmin is just that.

Most models are hot AF, and they know what they’re doing.

The cam site is professionally made, providing a user-friendly experience, a sleek interface, and advanced features.

HOWEVER, Live Jasmin is a pay-to-play site. There are things you can do for free, but you’ll need to pay for the good stuff.

LiveJasmin Pros and Cons

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Live Jasmin so we can get a clearer picture of the site before we put flesh on the bones of the entire experience.



  • Kinda tame free shows
  • More expensive than other sites

What’s Good About LiveJasmin

Live Jasmin is one heck of a cam site – there’s no two ways about it. It’s got drop-dead gorgeous professional webcam models who know what the viewers like.

The site doesn’t mess around with video quality – it’s all in HD.

The interface is modern and attractive, and the features are amongst the most advanced as far as webcamming goes. That, and there’s still some good times to enjoy without spending a buck.

What’s Bad About LiveJasmin

And just as much as there’s no going around the fact that LiveJasmin is a great site, there’s no way around the fact that it’s pricier than other sites.

It’s very much a pay-to-play site.

There is a free chat, but it’s mostly tame, and it can’t compare with the site’s private shows, which, in turn, other sites can’t compare with.

The No BS LiveJasmin Review: All You Need to Know

Now that we’ve tackled the basics, we’ll put flesh to the bones and provide you with all the details about the site. We won’t sugarcoat it – we’ll tell it as it is based on our experience with the site and online reviews from other folks online (coming up).

Signing Up to LiveJasmin

livejasmin signup

First things first – the sign-up process. We can’t complain much about the sign-up process, as the whole thing is pretty easy and straightforward.

You are greeted with some nice video shots (like the one in this picture) just to see what awaits you, and you are to give some basic information.

LiveJasmin asks you to set a username for yourself, a password, and give them your email for confirmation purposes.

You WON’T need to enter your credit card information if you don’t want to.

Nice gesture on their part for them, as multiple sites will ask that, even for a free account, and it can be an annoyance, as we’re sure you understand.

You DO get a chance to claim your 50% discount to purchase credits, which we took up, and then entered the CC info.

We kinda feel we can complain about the fact that you don’t get free credits as registered members sometimes do on other sites.

It’s not a big deal, but we would know how to appreciate it.

You do get the discount, effectively getting more credits than you would, so there’s that, we guess.

Anyhow, that’s the whole ordeal – that’s how you get your LiveJasmin account set up and get yourself ready to roll.

Search Tools & Categories

Here come the search tools and categories – a part where LiveJasmin absolutely slays, so we’ll give it props for that.

It’s amazing how many sites, even the best cam sites, seem to half-ass this part.

And viewers really want to have the option to find what they are looking for and do it fast, especially if they have particular interests.

Well, LiveJasmin rocks here.

First, you get the usual categories you can choose, like the type of show or model, fetishes, and the kind.

livejasmin reviews

But that’s not nearly all – you also get a bunch of very useful and detailed tags that add to the categories that let you zero in on your dream girl (or boy).

You can also filter by:

  • Type of show
  • Price
  • Willingness to do an act
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Appearance
  • Language
  • Breast & butt size
  • Hair
  • Region

As you can see, there’s a bunch, and we’re sure we still missed some. The bottom line – LiveJasmin really did an awesome job in helping us all find the perfect cam model for our pleasure.

LiveJasmin Models

The models are what makes LiveJasmin – that’s just facts. The first thing you’ll notice when you become a basic member and open the site is the bombshell models on the models’ live camera feeds.

Literally, every girl looks like an A-lister, and that’s why everyone says LiveJasmin is the best cam site.

livejasmin models

Just look at this picture! This is the first screenshot we got, and you can already see that all of the girls look amazing.

And it’s not just the girls – LiveJasmin also has a great assortment of male and trans models as well as couples.

The men’s section is just as well organized and categorized, which is a huge plus.

Most importantly, LiveJasmin has ALL KINDS of models. There are literally all body types, all kinds of fetishes, and all kinds of sexual acts.

Everyone can easily find what they’re looking for, and what they find will be top-shelf.

That type of inclusivity and dedication to quality is what makes LiveJasmin one of the best cam sites, if not the best.

And this is no coincidence – LiveJasmin has strict rules for their models when it comes to appearance, background, tech, and show quality.

Types of Shows on LiveJasmin

Alright, let’s take a look at all the goodies LiveJasmin has to offer to their basic members and their premium members.

LiveJasmin has the following types of shows:

  • Free chat
  • Private chat
  • VIP chat
  • VibraToy Chat
  • Video calls

Free Chat

LiveJasmin has free cam shows, as most other sex cam sites do. You can watch these for free, of course, and there are always tons of them running.

Now, the free shows on LiveJasmin aren’t that wild, and that’s a fact.

Don’t count on seeing nudity or any action in free chat, though. LiveJasmin doesn’t allow it, and you’d have to actually spend money to see that.

Nonetheless, free shows are still enjoyable.

The hot girls on LiveJasmin really know how to put on a show – they are professionals. Even the newer models have ok production levels – everything runs in HD.

You can have a flirt or sex chat with the models, but that’s where the party ends unless you’re willing to pay for a private chat room.

Private Chat

Private shows are why people go to LiveJasmin, as LiveJasmin beats all other cam sites when it comes to private chat quality.

You get the most value for your money here.

We’re talking about top-tier professional cam models that not only look good but also know how to perform, AND the tech is on point. And yes – these shows get pretty wild and dirty.

A private chat room will set you back around $2.70 a minute on average.

That’s about $0.30 more than you would pay on other premium cam sites, which is one of LiveJasmin’s cons.

BUT it doesn’t end there.

The basic private chat room includes just the model’s audio and video. If you want to add your video to the private show session, you’d have to pay for the add-on, meaning an additional $1 per minute.

The same goes for audio – if you want the model to hear you, too, you are to pay an extra $1 per minute.

Not all models have the option to host private shows with two-way audio, though, so you’d have to find the ones that do under that category.

Paying extra for two-way audio is kinda a let-down considering you don’t usually have to pay on other sites. But at least you can rest assured that, when you pay, the two-way audio will actually work (and every time), which is not always the case with other cam sites.

VIP Shows

The VIP chat is another treat for premium members that lets them have a (kinda) private chat with a model for friction of a price.

That’s because it’s not just you and the model. More folks can be part of the show, but it’s a more intimate environment where you get more say in the show.

And yes – there’s nudity and action, too.

How these shows go down is as follows. The model sets a goal in the amount of money she hopes to get, and everyone who wants to can tip and contribute.

Those who tip get to be part of the show.

If the model doesn’t reach the tip goal, all the money will be returned to the tipster. If she does, she opens a new chat room for all the tipsters, and the party starts.

On the low end, VIP shows go for $3.60 for a 10-minute session.

VibraToy Chat

VibraToy chat is a type of chat with teledildonics (interactive sex toys). It can be a private show or a group show, and viewers get to control the model’s sex toys.

Many models have this option, much to everyone’s pleasure.

The sex toys used are Lovense sex toys that can be controlled via an app, and the site has hooked everything up so you can control the model’s toy from your part.

Video Calls

This is the best camming gets – the video call service lets you call your favorite model AFTER the show is done.

You get her all to yourself.

How it works is you call her on her phone (that’s right), and you can have video chat (think video sex) or exchange offline messages with her.

Of course, this service costs more money than any other, but it is the best adult entertainment gets as it feels real and intimate.

LiveJasmin’s Mobile App

You can access LiveJasmin from any device – your computer, iPad, or your phone. The site adjusts to the screen you’re using, which in and of itself makes LiveJasmin mobile-friendly.

But LiveJasmin also has a seamless-running mobile app, which makes tuning into your LiveJasmin account from your phone even more effortless.

It also facilitates those intimate video chats with models.

LiveJasmin’s Prices

Alright, let’s take a look at LiveJasmin pricing to get a feel of just how much all the good times on LiveJasmin will set you back.

LiveJasmin runs on credits, as most sites do. Here’s how much credits cost on LiveJasmin:

  • 28 credits – $33.99 or $1.21 per credit
  • 68 credits – $75.99 or $1.12  per credit
  • 98 credits – $106.99 or $1.09  per credit
  • 158 credits – $169.99 or $1.08  per credit

Models set their own prices for private sessions (and anything else), of course, so the prices for shows will vary.

Private sessions go for anywhere between $0.1 and $9.99 per minute.

There’s also the option to join a model’s fan club. That’s like a monthly subscription to a certain model that gets you lots of benefits, like discounts on her content.

LiveJasmin also holds frequent discounts where you can get more credits for less money and even get some additional free credits.

These are good ways to save a buck as the site’s not cheap, so if you’re a fan, look out for those.

Payment Methods

You can pay for credits on LiveJasmin in most currencies and all debit and credit cards. But LiveJasmin didn’t stop there – you can also pay with crypto, which is really nice, and not many webcam sites offer that.

Customer Support

LiveJasmin customer support is pretty dope, actually. You can contact them 24/7 (even during the holidays) via online chat and mail. A phone line would be nice as some people really like that, but these ways are just as effective, if not more.

LiveJasmin Reviews From Customers

Alright, enough from us (for this part). Let’s see what other folks who have used LiveJasmin have to say about it through their online reviews. Here are some positive and negative reviews to get the basic public perception of the site.

livejasmin review

LiveJasmin Review for Cam Models

Let’s now take a look at LiveJasmin from the webcam models’ perspective. The first thing any aspiring new model should know is that LiveJasmin has huge traffic –  hundreds of millions of monthly visits.

That’s a whole lot of potential viewers.

Many models love that part, especially the newer models, since they don’t have such a tough time building up an audience and making money.

Who Can Model on LiveJasmin?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome on LiveJasmin. There’s a place for all types of models and from all countries.

The majority of viewers are straight men, so female models are always in high demand.

Still, LiveJasmin makes it a point to provide adult entertainment for everyone so all genders are accepted and celebrated.

LiveJasmin also accepts Russian models as well as models from any other Russian-speaking country.

It even facilitates crypto payments for Russian models.

How to Join LiveJasmin

To join LiveJasmin as a model, you should head over to their Model Center. The whole registering process is pretty straightforward – you will need to share your email, set up a password, and accept the service agreement.

livejasmin registerAfter that, you are to select the type of account you want.

The Single option is for one person, and the Studio one is for more independent models. Then you get to choose the category you want to fall into.

Here are your options:

  • Celebrity (girls only) – You don’t have to take your clothes off in this category. As a matter of fact, you’re not allowed. The celebrity category is more for flirting and sharing your passions, all of which are done with nice clothes on.
  • Hot Flirt (girls only) – This category allows you to do ‘tame’ free shows without getting your clothes off, but you can get raunchy and naked in private shows if you want to. It’s the most popular category.
  • Nude – The nude category prohibits you from getting naked and performing sexual acts in free shows. It also obliges you to do so in private shows if your viewers with a premium membership request it.
  • Amateur (girls only) – This category is the same as the Nude category above, with a difference in tech requirements and a fixed share system. Amateur models don’t have to have high-quality tech, but their cut remains fixed and can’t go up.
  • Free Show – Models who choose this category are allowed to perform explicit acts even in public shows. They and their shows will be broadcast on other sites, but NOT on LiveJasmin.

Then you are to fill in your personal data and the required documents, and that’s about it. You’re ready to roll.

What’s LiveJasmin Like for Models

LiveJasmin is great for models because they can make so much money on it, and you only ‘work it’ for paying customers in a private session.

It’s so easy to get started, and thanks to LiveJasmin’s many members, it doesn’t take longer than a few months for the good money to start pouring in.

The pay period is every other week, which is also convenient.

You can choose your own hours and work as much as you need to or want to, and you have a lot of freedom as to how you run your shows.

When it comes to how much money you can make on LiveJasmin, it all really depends on you and how much you work.

In general, newbies can count on $700 – $1200 a month, while more experienced and consistent models earn around $4,000 on average.

There are, of course, other models that create a career for themselves and make 6 or 7 figures a month easily, but these are the top ones.

LiveJasmin Reviews by Models

Let us not tell you what it’s like to model on LiveJasmin – let’s have models who’ve worked there say it themselves.

Here are the most comprehensive LiveJasmin reviews by models so future cam girls can get a clearer picture of what to expect.

Live Jasmin Alternatives

If you are still unsure if LiveJasmin is for you or you want to try something else, too, here are the best LiveJasmin alternatives to check out:

Chaturbate – Best LiveJasmin Alternative Overall


  • Dirty free shows
  • Affordable private chat
  • Interactive sex toys


  • Dated interface


  • 100 tokens – $10.99
  • 200 tokens – $20.99
  • Private shows – 6-90 tokens per minute

Chaturbate is the best LiveJasmin alternative, hands down, but Chaturbate is better than that, as it’s a great site in and of itself.

It’s also an amazing freemium site.

Like, you wouldn’t believe the things that go down in their free shows and how much you can see without spending a dime.

Read our full Chaturbate review here.

You can also book a private session with one of their models for way less than on many other more reputable sites.

Chaturbate does look like they gave up on interface design back in the aughts, but their features are very advanced.

You can enjoy controlling the models’ sex toys, among other advanced features.

And since Chaturbate is a whale among webcam sites, there are so many different types of models catering to everyone’s turn-ons.

>>Jump to Chaturbate, the best LiveJasmin alternative

Jerkmate – Best Free Cam Shows

jerkmate logoPros

  • NSFW free shows
  • You can see the models’ schedules
  • Pay with PayPal


  • You can’t register without CC info


  • Sex chat and watch public shows for free
  • 1 Gold = $1 (Jerkmate’s currency)
  • Private shows – 1 – 10 gold per minute

Jerkmate made it to our list as the top freemium site for a good reason – the sign-up is fast and easy, and their public shows are explicit AF.

What more can an occasion cam site enjoyer ask for?

Better yet – you can see your favorite models’ schedules of when they would be online. That way, you can go to the site when you know they’d be streaming.

What we also love about Jerkmate are its advanced search options. The site really is devoted to helping you find just the right jerk mate, and you won’t waste much time.

Private chat is where it’s at, of course, and these come at mid-range prices as far as webcam sites go.

Another thing we like is that Jerkmate’s currency Gold is pretty transparent as 1 Gold equals $1, so you know how much you’re spending. And you can pay with PayPal, too.

>>Head to Jerkmate, the best freemium webcam site

Flirt4Free – Top Multicam Site

flirt 4 freePros

  • Great multicam option
  • 120 welcoming credits
  • Money-saving award programs


  • Poor search filters


  • 180 credits (+135 free credits) – $6 + $1 VAT
  • 360 credits (+180 free credits) – $24 + $4 VAT
  • 1240 credits (+340 free credits) – $120 + $20 VAT
  • Average private show price – 30-60 credits/minute

Flirt4Free is widely regarded as the first webcam site. We are not sure if there were no webcam sites before it, but it was founded in 1996, so there’s that.

It’s still bussin’, though, and it didn’t stay in 1996.

Flirt4Free has the best support for multi-cam viewing, allowing you to open more chat rooms at once and still get a good-sized view of each.

The site is also very diverse – you can find all sorts of models into all sorts of things.

Read our full Flirt4Free review here.

Their models on Flirt4Free are pretty bubbly and active, so there’s no annoying sitting on the bed and doing nothing stuff.

When you join the site, you’ll get 120 free credits to try out the site’s biggest pull, which is, of course, the C2C shows.

You’ll also appreciate their award programs and discounts that help you save a buck here and there.

>>Go to Flirt4Free, the top multicam site

BongaCams – High-Energy Cam Girls

bongacams logoPros

  • NSFW free cams
  • 100 free tokens
  • High-energy performers


  • Lots of ads


  • $10 for 144 tokens
  • Group shows – 30 tokens per minute
  • Private shows – 120-150 tokens per minute

Speaking of boring and bored webcam girls, don’t you just hate it when you go from one room to another, and the model is just doing nothing?

Well, that’s not the deal with BongaCams.

The site’s got some of the most high-energy models in more ways than one. They are high-energy, but so are the shows.

And there’s lots of action to see for free.

There are amazing group shows where you can find up to 6 girls in one room – not to mention all the couples in action.

BongaCams will let you have 100 welcoming tokens to test out the site, which is a nice touch.

>>Jump to BongaCams for the most energetic shows

LiveJasmin Review: FAQs

There are a lot of questions about LiveJasmin online, and we bet you have some, too. So, before we wrap this LiveJasmin review up, we wanted to take some of your most common questions about the site.

What’s a Good Webcam Site?

LiveJasmin is a good webcam site. In fact, it’s more than just a good webcam site – it’s one of the best. What sets LiveJasmin apart from others are its high-quality private shows and hot models.

Is LiveJasmin Safe to Use?

Yes, LiveJasmin is safe to use. The site has excellent security systems in place to protect your personal information, like your cc info, IP address, and all your data. It also has discreet billing, and the site’s name won’t show on your bill.

How Can I Get Free LiveJasmin Credits Fast?

The best way to get free LiveJasmin credits fast is through their official website. Just claim the daily or weekly offers, and keep an eye out for those. Other places that claim they offer free LiveJasmin credits aren’t reputable, and you can be scammed.

How Do I Change My Name on LiveJasmin?

To change your name on LiveJasmin, go to your profile page first. Then select the ‘Update Info’ button. This will take you to a page where you can make changes to your name, category, and degree.

Can You Recommend Other Sites Like LiveJasmin?

There are many other sites like LiveJasmin, but not all of them are good. Here are the best ones:

Hope This LiveJasmin Review Helps You

That’s a wrap on our LiveJasmin review! We kept it real and told you like it is. And what it is is that LiveJasmin is one of the best premium sites.

Their private chats are a bit more expensive than others, but you get the most bang for your buck on LiveJasmin.

If you’re more of a free show type of guy, you can visit some of the LiveJasmin alternatives we’ve offered, like Chaturbate or Jerkmate.

Here’s the thing, though – you don’t have to limit yourself to one of these sites.

You can check them all out and see for yourself. Most offer free shows and some kind of welcoming credits, so you’ve really got nothing to lose.