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Between the lines Will Raia indictment hurt upcoming elections?

This past Halloween, Frank Raia, who was a candidate for Hoboken City Council in 2013, and Dio Braxton, who worked for Raia’s campaign, were...

Between the Lines Santa Claus is coming to town

In what has become a Christmas rock and roll classic, Bruce Springsteen performed the standard “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” throwing over his...

Between the lines Storm of the century?

Fifty years from now, those who managed to survive the snowstorm of Nov. 15 will not tell their grandkids about how they had to walk...

Between the lines

Musical chairs in Bayonne The resignation of 1st Ward councilman Thomas Cotter in Bayonne and his subsequent hiring as the head of that city’s Department...

Between the Lines Massive voting put Menendez over the top

While gathered in a room at the W Hotel in Hoboken, waiting for CNN to declare U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez a winner in the Nov....

BETWEEN THE LINES Raia indictment was no surprise

For many political observers, the indictment of Hoboken politician Frank Raia for alleged voter bribery charges was inevitable. Raia had worked hard during the 2013 election...

Between the Lines Critical elections on every level

The Nov. 6 election has more at stake for Hudson County than most elections, not just on a federal level, but also locally. At the...

Between the Lines TV excluded from court house debate

Presiding Hudson County Assignment Judge Peter Bariso refused to allow television news cameras into a jury room to cover a seven-hour freeholder debate over...

Between the Lines Roque will run for reelection

Although many people have predicted the demise of West New York Mayor Felix Roque's political career, he isn't ready to give it up just...

Hoboken’s trip back to the future

The upcoming referendum in Hoboken may well be like a scene out of the film “Back to the Future II,” in which Dr. Brown...
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