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Oldies Weren’t All That Goody

Dear Editor: A number of people thanked us for remembering Jimmy Roselli on the 10th anniversary of his death. A number of them mentioned that...

AMTRAK needs good repairs, not expansion

Dear Editor: Advocates for the North Atlantic Rail high speed rail (between Washington and Boston) anticipate it would cost $105 billion and be completed within...

Think for Yourself

Dear Editor: Paul Simon once sang: β€œWhen I think back on all the crap I learned in high school. It’s a wonder I can think...

Bravo Italia!

Dear Editor: Bravo Italia! Congratulazioni! Tanti Auguri! Italy has won the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly known as the Euro Cup. The European Cup tournament...

Loneliness is a major social problem

Dear Editor: It is my opinion that the least talked-about social problem that we have in our country is loneliness. I believe that it was...

Columbus Was No Conquistador

Dear Editor: A local publication featured an editorial addressing Italian heritage and culture. We agree that Italian history, traditions, and legacy should be cherished and...

Doing government

Dear Editor: The earliest colonists, and later the Founders of our nation, virtually had to do government. They had to tame the wilderness and tame...

It’s the 57th Anniversary of Federal Support for NJ public...

Dear Editor: July, 2021 marks the 57th Anniversary of federal government support for public transportation. The success of public transportation can be traced back to...

Can The Sacred Riana Help the New York Yankees?

Dear Editor: My friend for half a century, Al Cupo, and I have been loyal, true blue Yankee fans since the 1960’s. Suffice it to...

Chronicles of the Jersey City Water and Waste Pickup Bill

Dear Editor: The lack of independent leadership in our City Council is hurting the residents of our city financially. The responsibility to be a public...
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