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The “Best” Democratic Candidate Is: THE GREAT IMPEACHMENT

Dear Editor: As the radical, far left Dems scurry about in a pathological and loathsome euphoria of removing Trump via Shiftless Schiff's fanatical disregard for...

Climate Change Flooding The State

Dear Editor: It’s great that the state of New Jersey is getting involved with the fight against climate change but we need the federal government...

Federal Climate Change Legislation Needed to Prevent Hudson County Flooding

Dear Editor: I was distressed to read in the recent article “Report: Hudson County is the champ in projected climate change damages” that according to...

Does Anyone Believe That Class Size Doesn’t Matter?

Dear Editor: Have you ever been to a birthday party with more than fifteen kids? If so, you’re probably familiar with the laughter, and screaming,...


Dear Editor: The USA, according to a report just out, has spent 23 million dollars every hour since 2001, on war. Every hour, 23 million...

Hoboken reverse angle parking hurts tourism

Dear Editor: I am from upstate NY and I visited Hoboken and spent $400 at a local restaurant. When I returned from dinner I found...

Cruden, Ryan, Wilbeck Moving Bayonne School District in the Right Direction

Dear Editor: My name is Bill Broderick.  I am a lifelong resident of Bayonne and could never think of living anywhere else. Bayonne is my hometown...

War Didn’t End All Wars

Dear Editor: November 11 commemorates the anniversary of the armistice that ended The First World War - an armed conflict so bloody and destructive that...

Phil Cohen Asks 5th Ward Voters For Their Vote — Vote...

Dear Editor: Hoboken has been my home for 33 years. I moved here in 1986 after I graduated college, to attend Rutgers Law School, and established...

Please vote 1D, Cristin Cricco-Powell for 6th Ward

Dear Editor: My name is Cristin Cricco-Powell, and I'm asking for your vote on November 5th for 6th Ward Councilwoman. My family has been in Hoboken...
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