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A closer look at workplace bullying

Dear Editor: I hope that you and your readers will take an interest in a social problem that does not receive enough attention in our...

Border tragedies used by Dems in a fake crisis?

Dear Editor: Recently we saw a terrible tragedy. A father and his daughter died during an attempt to come to the United States. It’s terrible,...

Independent voters want the right to vote in NJ’s 2020 presidential...

Dear Editor: Last month, 7.7 percent of New Jersey voters went to the polls to vote in party primaries that were, for the most part,...

Jersey City superintendent search process

Dear Editor: The Jersey City Board of Education appears to be using an undemocratic, and aggressively hurried process to appoint a new Superintendent of Schools...

Crisis at the border

Dear Editor: Dear Rep. Albio Sires and Senators Bob Menendez and Corey Booker: We have an urgent and dire crisis at the border. I'm asking you...

Migdalia Pagan-Milano for Hoboken’s First Ward Council seat

Dear Editor: We write to express our strong and unwavering support for our friend, Migdalia Pagan-Milano in her campaign for the 1st Ward City Council...

5G radiation is a menace

Dear Editor: Is there any alarm among parents in Hoboken about the 5G new devices going to be installed all over town? Well, there should...

NJ government leads in embarrassment

Dear Editor: Everyday we see a governor who strives diligently to lead progressively, but honestly, he just cannot. He chose to surround himself with just...

Welcome home

Dear Editor: I want to congratulate and welcome home our son Christopher L Rivera, YN1, a United States Coast Guard who served a year in...

Grand Street and the reduction of lanes

Dear Editor: In May, the City Council passed ordinance 19-049 which make changes to Grand Street, which is the access road to the Medical Center....
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