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Questioning 5G Near Schools

Dear Editor: To the parents of children attending Mary J. Donahue school in Bayonne. Are you aware that the city politicians allowed AT&T to place...

Bureaucrats know best, don’t they?

Dear Editor: The Florida Department of Education says parents know what’s best for their children. So, they are withholding the monthly salaries of local school...

A Neighborhood’s History of Flooding

Dear Editor: Once again and in the most severe manner yet, the intersection of Avenue A and Tenth Street in Bayonne flooded with the tremendous...

Afghanistan is a Vietnam “Redo”

Dear Editor: The latest debacle in Afghanistan is the culmination of a failed U.S. foreign policy in that part of the world. To say that...

We all miss John McCain

Dear Editor: The late Republican Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain, born on August 29, 1936, was always a breath of fresh air. What you...

Talk About Inappropriate!

Dear Editor: I was stunned to see that you chose to publish Erik-Anders Nilsson’s letter in your 8/26 edition. If a letter as chock full...

The beginning of the end of the Fulop Administration

Dear Editor: The empowerment of Jersey City residents to take action and exercise their right to fight for issues which are affecting their communities is...

Dangerous NB Preschool in an Illegal Location

Dear Editor: Hudson Reporter's article about the clearing of forest in Braddock Park, just feet behind North Bergen's 20 year old preschool trailers should wake...

Cannabis is not a harmless substance

Dear Editor: Cannabis--medical or recreational--is an issue we all need to think long and hard about. I am already seeing drivers smoking weed as they are...

Charlie Watts was the Beat of the Rolling Stones

Dear Editor: On August 24, 2021, Charles Robert Watts went to the great gig in the sky. Charlie Watts was the drummer for The Rolling...
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